Dinner Sponsored in Memory of Mac & Jackie McDougall

Long-time South Lake Tahoe resident Janet McDougall sponsored Bread & Broth’s July 1st Adopt A Day of Nourishment.  “I like to sponsor a day once each year to honor the memory of my parents, Mac and Jackie McDougall,” shared Janet.  Janet has been sponsoring a meal which feeds a nutritious and well-balanced meal to up to 100 dinner guests for four years now and she can always to counted on to support Bread & Broth’s program of easing hunger for those in need.

Taking a break from helping serve a BBQ pork rib dinner which her donation helped fund, Janet added, “Serving at Bread & Broth is a privilege!  The cooks do such a fantastic job and it is wonderful to have a chance to interact with lots of members of our community.”   Bringing food and fellowship to those experiencing food insecurity is a deeply moving experience for those who volunteer their time, funds and energy.  To sponsor a meal in memory of a loved one is a thoughtful and moving way to honor those who had a positive impact on one’s life.

Joining Janet in honoring her parents were her good friends Flori Curran, Julie Frame, and Kathleen Maston.  According to Janet, her friends enjoyed and found rewarding their volunteer service feeding others and look forward to helping at her next sponsorship dinner.  Bread & Broth looks forward to having Janet and her warm and caring crew back as an AAD sponsor next year.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sponsors B&B Dinner

On June 24th, Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal fed 96 community members who arrived at St. Theresa’s Grace Hall between 4:00 and 5:30 p.m., and were served beef stroganoff, sautéed zucchini, a green salad, fresh apricots and a lovely assortment of desserts.  Sponsoring the meal for the evening was Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, whose $300 donation helped cover the costs of the meal, and who provided five Hard Rock team members to participate in their Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorship.

Leading the Hard Rock sponsorship team was Joelle Shearin, Hard Rock Hotel’s General Manager, who was experiencing her first time helping at a B&B Monday Meal.  “Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe was honored to serve alongside Bread & Broth’s many volunteers,” shared Joelle.  “Bread & Broth demonstrates our motto ‘Love all, serve all’ in South Lake Tahoe.”   Hard Rock’s sponsor crew team also included Scott Kornfield, Marth McElligott, Ashleigh Speaker and Rhonda Turner, all member’s of Hard Rock’s management staff.

The Hard Rock team was a fun group who shared the joy and kindness encouraged by their motto and their dedication to serving others.  In addition to their support of B&B’s Monday Meal dinners, Hard Rock will also be donating coleslaw to B&B’s Burlap & Denim country-western BBQ fundraiser at the historic Celio Ranch on Saturday, August 24th.   The fundraiser will raise monies to support the B&B 4 Kids program.

B&B is very fortunate and grateful to have Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s support and backing for both our Monday Meal program and the Kid’s program which feeds food insecure children in our community.

Tahoe Douglas Rotary Serves the Community

The Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club is truly committed to helping non-profit organizations in the Lake Tahoe South Shore community.  From helping to fund activities for develop- mentally disabled children, to building ice rinks for the local curling teams, to feeding those in need in the community, Rotary provides funds for causes that improve the lives of our local community members.

Bread & Broth has been a very thankful recipient of the Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club’s generosity.  For the past two years, the local Rotarians have sponsored 11 Adopt A Day of Nourishments; feeding full course, nutritious dinners to over 900 dinner guests.  The most recent Monday Meal the Rotary sponsored was on June 17th and Rotarians Ashley Colvin, Ellen Dauscher, Hannah Davis, J.J. McLaughlin and Brian Williams were on hand to help the B&B volunteers.

“Tahoe Douglas Rotary is happy to be a part of the Bread & Broth Adopt A Day program,” shared Ellen Dauscher.  “The service provided is so valuable to the community.  Thanks for letting us participate.”    B&B truly enjoys having the Rotarians join us.  They show up with a great attitude, work hard, and demonstrate kindness and warmth to everyone they encounter.  B&B appreciates and looks forward to partnering with the Rotary as they sponsor two more ADDs this year.

EpicPromise Grant funds B&B Adopt A Day

Vail Resort’s EpicPromise grants are distributed to over 50 non-profits in the Lake Tahoe South Shore community.  These grant funds are used by the recipient organizations to support a variety of non-profit programs which benefit children, mental illness programs, environmental projects, to name just a few.  Bread & Broth is also an EpicPromise Grant recipient and a portion of the funds go to sponsoring 12 Adopt A Day of Nourishment Monday Meal dinners annually.

On June 10th, an Adopt A Day sponsor crew from Heavenly Mountain Resort consisting of Michelle Beall, Chris Brune, Katie Ficeto, Duncan Kincheloe, and Zach Koneffko joined the B&B volunteers to serve the evening’s meal.  “The opportunity to participate in this ministry and chance to serve the community is our entire team looks forward to,’ commented Chris.  “We’re always happy to be here and look forward to the next time we’re invited back.”

The AAD sponsor crews from Heavenly and Kirkwood Mountain Resorts are always a pleasure to have helping at B&B’s dinners.  Many of the Vail team members have served many times over the years and are very helpful and need little direction.  Without exception, the Vail teams are warm, friendly and welcoming to all of the dinner guests who enjoy the hot and nutritious meals funded by the Vail EpicPromise grant monies.

Anonymous Donors Host and Unity at the Lake Members Help Serve B&B Meal

Two very generous anonymous Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsors donated $300 to fund Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal on May 27th.   Since the donors were not available to attend their sponsorship dinner, members of Unity at the Lake Church were more than thrilled to be asked to step in as the Adopt A Day sponsor crew volunteers and help serve the 95 dinner guests attending the evening’s meal.

“Today I had the privilege of serving food to a very special group of humanity,” shared Phyllis Atha, a Unity member.  “They are people who have struggles, some at this time, some throughout their lives.  They are survivors because they are alive and have chosen to come to Bread & Broth to find sustenance.”   In addition to Phyllis, Unity members included Mike DiGiusto, Darya Vogt and Linda Wunder   Thank you to the sponsor crew members for sharing their holiday weekend to welcome and feed fellow community members.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, the dinner guests were served hamburgers, baked beans, coleslaw, chips and a wide assortment of desserts as fitting for the holiday weekend.   The turn out for the Monday Meals has been increasing as the days get longer and the summer weather makes it easier for folks to make their way to Grace Hall for the free meals.

Heavenly Hosts B&B Monday Meal

Dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Lake Tahoe South Shore community, Bread & Broth provides two meals every week to anyone who wants to enjoy a hot, nutritious dinner.  Currently, due to the fire at the Lake Tahoe Community Presbyterian Church, both dinners are served at St. Theresa Church Grace Hall.   B&B’s Monday Meal serves a hot, full-course dinner and the Friday Second Serving provides soup and a simple entree.  Attending any of B&B’s dinners is a great way to enjoy a great meal!

Helping Bread & Broth to finance and serve the Monday Meal dinner are the generous Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsors and the sponsor crew members that volunteer to spend 3 hours of their time to assist the B&B volunteers.   The hosting organization for the Monday, May 20th evening meal for the 3rd time this year, was Heavenly Mountain Resort, who sent six members of their Human Resources team to help at the dinner.

“The ability to connect and provide something meaningful to another person in our community is truly rewarding,” shared Eric Davidson.  “The people we served at Bread & Broth were so grateful, their bellies were filled and our souls were warmed.”   Serving alongside of Eric were fellow HR team members Jesse Harrison, Will Battenberg, Emily Fukiage, Shylo Ewing, and Rebecca Del Pozo.  These sponsor crew members were a joy to have helping at the dinner.  All smiles and kinds words to our dinner guests.

B&B is very grateful to Heavenly Mountain Resorts for their support of our program and their commitment to helping the community members of South Lake Tahoe.

Club Live Serves Community

Thanks to the leadership of Club Live’s advisor, Larry Lambdin, South Tahoe Middle School students have the opportunity to experience leadership events, participate in community service projects and enjoy recreational trips all focused on providing safe and high energy alternative activities.

As one community service project for the club members, Club Live for the last 4 years has sponsored a Bread & Broth Adopt A Day of Nourishment.  This year, the club hosted the May 13th Monday Meal, and in addition to helping the B&B volunteers at the dinner, they thoughtfully put together packets containing personal hygiene items to hand out to the dinner guests.

It is always a treat to have the Club Live student members helping at the dinners.  They are cheerful, filled with energy and always ready to help when needed.  This year, the Club Live members included Alisha Bailey, Bianca Blue, and Rudy and Jose Regalado under the guidance of Larry Lamdbin.  When asked about their serving at the Monday Meal, Ruby responded, “Thank you for having us.  We had such a wonderful day with everyone.  This was such a fun experience!”

Kudos to these young Club Live students and to their efforts to help others and participate in activities that expand their experiences and opportunities.


Forest Suites Resort Sponsors B&B Dinner

Every Monday, Bread & Broth serves a hot, full-course dinner to everyone who comes to Grace Hall from 4:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. for a communal meal in a safe and welcoming environment.   Everyone is welcome and B&B encourages everyone to enjoy the wonderful ‘home-cooked’ meals loving prepared and served by Bread & Broth’s cooks and dinner crew volunteers.

In addition to general donations, B&B’s Monday Meal is funded by the organization’s Adopt A Day of Nourishment program.  On May 6th, the Forest Suites Resort hosted the AAD sponsorship donating $300 to help cover the meal’s costs and sending a fantastic group of Forest Suite Resort team members to assist the B&B volunteers with their sponsorship dinner.

The energetic and helpful Forest Suites Resort volunteer members included Victoria Marmolejo, Alesha Newman, Maria Olvera, Jesus Robles, and Caitlin Thompson.

“We had a wonderful time with the B&B team,” said Caitlin.  “It was a pleasure being able to serve our community like this!”   In fact, several members of the sponsor crew so enjoyed their experience helping others, that they completed volunteer application forms to volunteer throughout the year.

B&B is so pleased to have the wonderful AAD sponsorship crews join us week after week and share the experience of fulfillment through service to others.

Bread & Broth 4 Kids Summer Program- Free Food for Children

Bread & Broth 4 Kids Summer Program- Free Food for Children
   South Lake Tahoe    
Every Wednesday June 26-  August 21
The 2019 St. Theresa Bread & Broth 4 Kids Summer Program begins June 26th and will continue every Wednesday through August 21st in South Lake Tahoe.  Food will be distributed at:
St Theresa’s Church- Grace Hall
10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
1041 Lyons Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Any child up to the age of 18 can come alone or with a parent or legal guardian to select food items.  Children can fill up a bag with fresh fruit, cereals, milk, breakfast and nutrition bars, canned meat and more.   Children are encouraged to bring a backpack or reusable tote bag to carry food home.   Note:  Food will only be given to parents who are accompanied by their child(ren).
In addition, food bags will be delivered to the following child care centers:  Apple Seeds Academy, Boys & Girls Club, Child Development Center, Choices for Children, Under the Magic Pine Tree, Foster Family, Live Violence Free

SLT Democrat Club Hosts B&B Dinner

“South Lake Tahoe Democrat Club members love our city and hope to be very involved in serving local non-profits to help improve life here,” said SLT Democrat Club member Aletha Nelligan at Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal on April 29th.   Aletha and fellow club members Connie Alcamo, Sandy McKnight, Peter Nelligan, and Larry Pedigo filled dinner trays with BBQ ribs, baked beans, fried potatoes, zucchini and a green salad in their role as volunteer crew members for the club’s first Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorship.

The SLT Democrat Club team members showed up ready to roll up their sleeves and help as needed.  In addition to manning the serving line, they did a great job of helping with the setup for the 4:00 meal serving.  They also helped with getting the food ‘giveaway” bags filled with dairy products, fruit, vegetables, canned goods, and bread and pastries ready to hand out to the dinners guests as they entered Grace Hall to enjoy the hot, nutritious meal.

“When deciding which non-profit groups we most wanted to work with, Bread & Broth was the overwhelming first choice,” added Aletha.  “We plan to continue to sponsor Adopt A Day in the future.”   B&B looks forward to partnering with the SLT Democrat Club members again in our common goal of helping to improve the lives of others.