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Bread &Broth was very excited to have members of Barton Hospital’s Dietitian
Department sponsors the Monday Meal on May 14 th . So many departments from Barton
Hospital host ‘Adopt A Day of Nourishments’ and they always send wonderful sponsor
crew members to help at their sponsorship dinners. True to form, the five Barton
volunteers, Rebecca Espinel, Jessica Keys, Lynn Norton, Kristine Travis and Jennifer
Trew, was a joy to work with.
“It was a pleasure to serve members of our community,” said Jennifer. “We were
amazed to see how much fresh produce was given to the dinner guests.” B&B is
thrilled to have our “Green Goal” program recognized by professional dietitians. While
the majority of the meal costs are covered by the $300 donation of the sponsoring AAD
group, B&B uses funds donated to our General Fund to purchase fresh fruit and
vegetables and dairy products (milk, eggs and butter), to add healthy food to the
‘giveaway’ bags that our dinner guest can take home for use later in the week.
B&B appreciates the support that we receive from Barton Hospital departments and
team members. Their devotion to helping people does not end at the close of their
work shift as demonstrated by the Barton Dietitians’ help funding and serving a hot,
nutritious meal to those in need in our community.