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B&B Thanks Heavenly Ski Patrol

With a big winter snow storm hitting the Tahoe area on Monday, February 2nd, there was no better crew to have sponsor the Adopt A Day of Nourishment meal than Heavenly’s Ski Patrol members.  This crew braved the snowy roads and whiteout conditions to come to St. Theresa Church Grace Hall and help provide a hot and filling beef stroganoff dinner to the hungry folks who faced difficult conditions to attend B&B’s Monday Meal.

Kudos to both the Heavenly Ski Patrol sponsor crew members and the B&B volunteers who put the feeding of the hungry in our community above their concerns of traveling in the snowy conditions.  The attending dinner guest numbers were low but the positive spirit of sharing a nutritious communal meal was still very evident.

“As a group, Heavenly Ski Patrol is dedicated to being involved in the South Lake Tahoe community in as many ways as possible,” said Andrew Pierce.  “B&B provides an excellent opportunity to give back to the community that supports us.   Despite several feet of snow and challenging road conditions, our five patrollers who volunteered had an amazing time interacting with and serving, the people who were able to brave the storm.  We truly look forward to helping with B&B events in the future.”

In addition to thanking the Heavenly Ski Patrol organization for sponsoring an AAD, B&B would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Ski Patrol’s sponsor crew members Adrianne Chio, Nick Kushner, Steven Larson, Nate Stuhlbarg and Andrew Pierce.  Not only did this wonderful group help with the dinner’s setup, serving, and cleanup but they went the extra mile of removing the mounds of snow off of the vehicles of the B&B cooks!