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B&B Thanks LTCC ADVANCE Adult Education Program

“Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) is committed to serving our community and it
was an honor to be able to be a part of Bread & Broth,” commented Michelle Sower,
Dean of Instruction. Michelle was a sponsor crew member for the LTCC ADVANCE
Adult Education program at their Adopt A Day dinner on May 21 st . LTCC’s new
ADVANCE program is geared to provide free training for adults, who are interested in
improving their job skills and looking to advance in their careers, and is just an
extension of the many ways the college is providing support to our local community
Joining Michelle on the sponsor crew team were fellow LTCC members Steve Berry,
Director of Enrollment Services; Brad Deeds, Dean of Workforce Development;
Shelly Hansen, Director of Human Resources and Michelle Risdon, Vice President of
Instruction. The LTCC crew members brought their professionalism and compassion
while giving of their time to help to make the dinner a positive experience of sharing
food and community.
“While it is so hard to see our neighbors in need, Bread & Broth is a wonderful
resource,” said Michelle Risdon. “LTCC and ADVANCE are proud to partner with B&B in
our joint efforts to meet these needs.” B&B is grateful to LTCC for their efforts in
providing a dynamic educational environment and also for their concern for providing
the basic needs to those who struggle with hunger.