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Sue Fry

Volunteer Chairperson

Sue was born and raised on a farm in northwest Ohio.  She was helping herd the cows and driving a tractor when she was just a kid.  At 20-years old, Sue decided to spread her wings and moved to California where she finished a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Biology at the University of California, Davis.

Over the course of her 25-year career, Sue worked for public, private, and non-profit organizations providing her the opportunity to live and work across the country.  Sue saw the difference between the “haves” and the “have-nots” and that often the “have-nots” didn’t have active advocates.  This has driven her to be an advocate for those with less and without a voice.  One of Sue’s biggest heartbreaks is children without enough to eat.  After moving to South Lake Tahoe in early 2021 with her partner Alan, Sue reached out to Bread and Broth and asked, “Where can I help?”

Sue enjoys mountain biking, road biking, hiking, and skiing.  If she’s not on the mountain, you’ll find her puttering around in the yard or traveling in an RV searching out new adventures with Alan.