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Bread & Broth Monday Meal sponsored by Liberty Utilities

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Published: January 2, 2024

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Every year, Liberty Utilities’ local team members volunteer hundreds of hours to serve the community through the company’s “Liberty Days” program. Bread & Broth’s is very appreciative that Liberty team members support our Monday Meal Adopt A Day of Nourishment program. Liberty began sponsoring Adopt A Days in 2017 and is currently sponsoring six Adopt A Days annually.

On December 10, volunteering at Liberty’s final Adopt A Day of the year, were five Liberty team members who are ‘old hands’ at volunteering at Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal. Led by Liberty’s AAD coordinator, Jennifer Guenther, the Liberty’s AAD crew also included Kate Marrone, James Martin, Emily Sellier-Flynn, and Chad Sousa.

“Being able to Adopt A Day for a Monday Meal this time of year is an absolute privilege,” shared Chad Sousa. “Working for a company like Liberty that encourages us to volunteer our time helping a community come together is a real honor. I am always inspired by the Bread & Broth volunteer team members and the appreciation we receive from our community dinner guests.”…Read more