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Bread & Broth would like to thank Kurt and Laura Rasmussen, owners of Sunbeam Blind Company, for their Monday Meal sponsorship on September 18th.   Laura shared her concern for those who experience hunger and hardship.  “Food insecurity is a big problem for some people.  We are always happy to help with Bread & Broth.”   

True to her word, Kurt and Laura have been sponsoring “Adopt A Day of Nourishments” for several years and serving on sponsor crews when the Lake Tahoe Windjammers Yacht is hosting an AAD dinner.   These two very active members of the Lake Tahoe South Shore community are representative of the concern shown by the many AAD sponsors and crew members who come on Monday evenings to assist the B&B volunteers in serving up to 120 meals weekly to folks struggling to make ends meet.

Joining Kurt and Laura were their good friends Debbie Strahm and John Borsi.  These four enthusiastic volunteers arrived at 3:00 at Grace Hall ready to help and make the dinner guests feel welcomed and cared for.  “This wonderful organization makes a positive difference for so many grateful folks who come to St. Theresa’s for a nutritious meal,” said Laura.  “We’ll be back again!  Thanks for this opportunity to share with our community.”   B&B always looks forward to seeing a Sunbeam Blind Company team hosting  an AAD dinner