B&B 4 Kids Summer Program

Free kid-friendly food during the

‘summer school break’!


Every Wednesday, from June 20th through August 22nd


St. Theresa Church Grace Hall

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Bijou Community Elementary School

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Tahoe Valley Elementary School

9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.          

Any child up to the age of 18 can come alone or with a parent or legal guardian to either Grace Hall or Bijou School or Tahoe Valley School on any Wednesday during the school summer break and fill a bag with various food options including  fresh fruit, cereals, milk, canned meat and breakfast and nutrition bars and much more!   Bring a pack back or reusable tote bag to help carry your food bag home.


This is a wonderful opportunity and B&B 4 Kids is really excited about being able to help every child eat healthily and enjoy their summer.

** Food will only be given to parents accompanied by their child(ren)**

For more information:  www.breadandbroth.org

Kirkwood Sponsors B&B Monday Meal

Kirkwood Mountain Resorts hosted their second 2018 ‘Adopt A Day of Nourishment’
sponsorship dinner on Monday, March 19 th at St. Theresa Grace Hall. Kirkwood’s Guest
Services crew members Natasha Buffo, Dan Deemer and Richie Monroe traveled all the
way from the Kirkwood Resort area to arrive at Grace Hall at 3:00 to lend their
customer service skills and helping hands to the Bread & Broth volunteers.
“Kirkwood is all about community, and our community extends to South Lake,” said
Buffo. “Having the opportunity to exchange smiles and appreciation for one another
with this part of our community was something very special. The B&B volunteers were
welcoming, sweet and also very funny! Those accepting our offering of food were
friendly and filled with gratitude. This was a wonderful experience with co-workers
/friends and we look forward to returning again next season.”

This was the first experience volunteering at a B&B dinner for the Kirkwood crew
members and they were a joy to have helping from the time they arrived until they
finished with the meal’s cleanup and left at 6 o’clock for their drive back to Kirkwood.
Kudos to this amazing Kirkwood crew for their generosity and selflessness helping the
community’s hungry. Over 100 meals were served thanks to their generosity.

Soroptimist Serve Community

The Soroptimist International of Tahoe Sierra (SITS) organization has a long history of
service to the community. This wonderful group of women chose to sponsor a Bread &
Broth Adopt A Day of Nourishment on Monday, March 5 th, as their continuing
commitment to serve those in need. The SITS members representing their
organization at their sponsorship dinner were Jean Bergner, Julie Nelson, Shelly
Martinez, Carolyn Robinson and Joanne Shope and Wendy David, B&B Volunteer Team
#1 lead cook.’
These ladies brought tremendous energy and a sense of giving as they spent their
three hours volunteering alongside the B&B volunteers to provide a hot and delicious
spaghetti dinner to the hungry dinner guests. “We Soroptimists have been very
impressed by the awesome program of B&B’s Adopt A Day,” commented Carolyn
Robinson. “The B&B volunteers were so helpful and the patrons were polite and so
grateful for the nourishment and camaraderie provided by the social opportunity.”
B&B has been providing meals and a safe gathering place for the needy community
members since 1989 thanks to the support of our community volunteers and financial
donors. The sponsorship of an evening meal by the Soroptimist International of Tahoe
Sierra organization is truly appreciated by B&B and we always look forward to their
participation in our AAD sponsorship program.

Barton Pharmacy Department Lends A Helping Hand

Sponsoring their first Bread & Broth Adopt A Day of Nourishment on Monday, 2/26, Barton’s Pharmacy Department sent a wonderful group of young health care professionals to help with the sponsorship dinner.  Acting on behalf of their fellow Pharmacy department members were Cathy Deering, Jeff Koeck, Chrissy Robertson and Celeste Taormina.

According to Dana Tucker, B&B’s sponsor crew coordinator, “this wonderful group did an amazing job.  They wanted to help with everything and anything.  They loved working with the dinner guests and had a smile on their faces the entire evening.”  The opportunity to participate and bring food and fellowship to the Monday Meal diners is always a rewarding experience and for the Pharmacy department members, the evening was just an extension of their caring and concern for those who are experiencing difficult life situations.

“We enjoyed coming and meeting the community,” said Chrissy Robertson.  “The people we served were so grateful for us being here.  Thank you for inviting us to come and help support at our sponsorship dinner.”   B&B is also grateful to have the support of the Barton Pharmacy Department for our mission of easing hunger and their important service in our community.

Tahoe Douglas Rotary Supports B&B

Bread & Broth really appreciates the support the Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club has been giving our Adopt A Day of Nourishment program.  The Rotary Club signed up for five Adopt A Days and on February 5th, they send another great team to volunteer while hosting their fourth AAD in the past seven months.  Representing the Rotary Club at the Monday Meal dinner were Rotarians Linda Bellotti, Keith Endlich, Bob Fehskens, Greg Felton, Roberta Stillwell and Brian Williams.

Evidently, every one of the Rotarians had a great experience at their sponsorship dinner and they all wanted to share their thoughts.  “B&B is so productive for our community and it deserves our support”.  “What a lovely enjoyable experience!”  “You are the heart of our community.”  “Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help our community.”  “Wonderful to help some of our local citizens have a great meal.” “Looking forward to coming back soon – fun!”

Bread & Broth has thoroughly enjoyed the participation of all of the Rotarians who have been volunteering at the Rotary’s AADs.  Providing a hot, nutritious meal every Monday is a ‘labor of love’ and having the support of so many of the Rotary clubs members is really a wonderful endorsement of the Adopt A Day program and how it not only feeds those in need but feels the souls of those who volunteer to help ease of the hunger of others.

Local “Pays It Forward”

As a young boy, Jeremy Woodford would attend Bread & Broth’s dinners with his family at Grace Hall.   Now, many years later, Jeremy is “paying it forward” by hosting three B&B dinners so that others can also benefit from the same nourishing meals that helped him when he and his family were experiencing difficult times.

Jeremy sponsored his first of three “Adopt A Day of Nourishments” on Monday, January 1st.   He along with his partner Melissa Brittain and Melissa’s parents, Craig and Barbara Brittain, showed up at 3:00 p.m. to roll up their sleeves, put on B&B aprons and work alongside the B&B volunteers setting up the dessert and drink table and bagging ‘giveaway’ bags filled with breads and pastries, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

It was Melissa’s first visit to a B&B dinner and she found the experience to be a very positive one.  “It was a great evening with great food,” she said.  “Look forward to volunteering again.”

In addition to helping with the dinner’s setup, Jeremy and his sponsor team served the dinner guests and helped with the meal’s cleanup.  B&B would like to extend a very special ‘thank you’ to Jeremy and his hardworking team that come prepared to make sure that others would not go hungry that night.

Camp Richardson Hosts Dinner

Normally the Camp Richardson Resort staff is busy seeing to the needs of their many visitors and guests but during the month of December, they shift their focus to helping the members of our community who are struggling with hunger.  Through their Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorship, Camp Richardson hosted Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal dinner at St. Theresa Grace Hall on December 18th and provided meals for the 100 dinner guests that evening.

Bringing the same level of service and helpfulness they bring to their work, the Camp Richardson sponsor crew was a treat to have helping the B&B volunteers.   Led by Vanessa Santora, Camp Richardson’s operations manager and the coordinator for their AAD sponsorships, were fellow team members Darren Foerschler, Beacon general manager; Travis Lauinger, assistant resort and sports center manager; James Roberts, lodging operations manager and Doug Sheehan, purchasing manager.   `

“We’re so thankful to be a part of the Adopt A Day program,” commented Vanessa.  “It’s always a heartwarming experience.  From the incredible B&B staff to the wonderful people we have the pleasure to serve; Bread & Broth is a must anytime of the year.” 

B&B’s partnership with Camp Richardson Resort is a wonderful example of how empathy and compassion for the most vulnerable bring people together to positively impact the lives of others all year long.

Kirkwood Helps Community

To volunteer to help others is a selfless act that is both humbling and uplifting.  Thanks to Vail’s generous EpicPromise grant, Kirkwood Mountain Resort employees had the opportunity to volunteer at Bread & Broth’s November 6th, Monday Meal through B&B’s ‘Adopt A Day of Nourishment” program.    Kirkwood department Security Officers Mark DeSacia, Rick Hofheins and Charlie Noury and David McCullers, Security Manager, all volunteered their time and effort to make a difference in the lives of those attending the meal served at Grace Hall.

Every Monday, B&B serves full-course, nutritious meals, provides ‘seconds’ for those interested and packs containers of the dinner’s leftovers to give to anyone who attends each dinner.  In addition, funding from the AAD $250 donation is used to purchase fruits, vegetables and dairy products which are packed into ‘giveaway’ bags also filled with canned goods and breads/pastries donated by local stores and businesses.  No guest who ever attends a B&B dinner ever goes away hungry or without food to use for later in the week.

Mark, Rick, Charlie and David were a fun group to work with and they did an outstanding job representing their Security Department and Kirkwood Mountain Resort.   “Our team feels a great deal of love and support for our Tahoe community,’ commented David.  “It is our pleasure to volunteer our time for a place we love so much.”  B&B would like to thank Kirkwood Mountain Resort and these four sponsor volunteers who so generously served the vulnerable members of our community.

Heavenly Partners with Bread & Broth

With funds provided by Vail’s Epic Promise grants, Heavenly Mountain Resort partners
with Bread & Broth to annually host six Monday Meal dinners at St. Theresa Grace Hall.
Every other month, Heavenly sponsors an “Adopt A Day of Nourishment” and sends a
team of volunteers to help crew at their sponsorship dinner. On December 11 th,
hosting their last AAD of the year, Heavenly’s volunteer sponsor crew was manned by
Michelle Beall, Kelly Campbell, Chris Eckert, Katie Ficeto and Frank Papandrea.
“We are so appreciative of all that St. Theresa Bread & Broth does for our community,”
said Campbell. “It is an honor to support their efforts and help our neighbors and
community.” Through their AAD donation of $250, Heavenly helps B&B provide a hot,
full-course meal to the evening’s dinner guests. These guests include seniors on a
fixed income, struggling families, the homeless, students, and workers earning
minimum wage. In many cases, the Monday Meal is their only hot meal for the week.
As always, the Heavenly team members were helpful, warm and welcoming. Since
most of the crew had served several times at a Monday Meal, they jumped right in to
make the evening meal a pleasant and welcoming dinner event for the guest. B&B
volunteers are always excited when they see that a Heavenly crew will be hosting an
Adopt A Day meal. B&B would like to thank Vail corporation, Heavenly Mountain
Resort and their employee crew members for their amazing generosity and efforts to
serve to those in need.

Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club Hosts Dinner

Bread and Broth is very fortunate to have the support of the Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club, working side-by-side with our B&B Volunteers to help feed many of our neighbors who struggle with hunger.   The Rotary Club has partnered with B&B to host five ‘Adopt A Day of Nourishments’ with their third sponsorship occurring on Monday, December 4th.

“Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club is happy to support Bread & Broth’s wonderful Adopt A Day program,” commented Rotarian Ellen Dauscher.  “We truly enjoying working alongside B&B’s fantastic volunteers and are joyful to be able to feed so many members of our community.”   Joining Ellen on the AAD sponsor crew were fellow Rotarians Allegra Boyd, Ryan Moore, Bob Senna and Watt Wiggins and community member Amanda Jones.   Pitching right in, the sponsor crew manned the serving line and the food ‘giveaway’, dessert and drinks tables, smiling and warmly welcoming the dinner’s guests.

The Club’s sponsorship of B&B’s Monday Meal falls right into line with the club’s mission of providing service to others.  The Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club is a group of volunteer leaders drawn together by fellowship and a desire to help others and do humanitarian service.  B&B would like to acknowledge and thank the Tahoe Douglas Rotary for their AAD sponsorships and for the positive impact they have in helping so many causes and organizations in the Lake Tahoe South Shore community.