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On March 29th, Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal diners had a special treat, a delicious
Filipino themed dinner. The evening’s meal was lovingly prepared and served by the
Filipino Community members for their annual Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorship.
This fantastic group served up teriyaki chicken and vegetables, chicken adobo, steamed
rice, coleslaw topped off with delicious desserts to the 93 attending dinner guests.
Needless to say, there were no ‘leftovers’ at the end of the meal.
To prepare their meal, the sponsor cooks began preparing the ingredients on Sunday,
working late into the night and showing up again on early Monday afternoon to help
with the dinner’s setup and finalize the cooking of the meal’s dishes. Once again
coordinating the Filipino Community AAD sponsorship dinner was Mila Seal who
coordinated with the dinner’s anonymous donor and organized the 14 Filipino
community members who participated in and lent their support to the dinner.
“Once again, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to St. Theresa’s
Bread & Broth for giving us the opportunity to share our time and blessings to our less
fortunate brothers and sister,” wrote Mila. “And also, we want to thank each and
everyone in the Filipino community, who without question, participated and shared their
time, money, and effort to make this Adopt A Day possible. Again, thank you so much
and God bless us all.” B&B is so very fortunate to have this wonderful group share
their tasty cuisine and loving spirit with our dinner guests.