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Forest Suites Resort supports Bread & Broth dinner

By 03/21/2023October 12th, 2023No Comments

Published: March 20,2023


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Bread & Broth’s Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorship was hosted by Forest Suites Resort on Monday, March 13. Thanks to their AAD donation of $300 and sending an excellent sponsor crew to the Monday Meal dinner, over 74 dinners were served to the very grateful folks who came for a hot and tasty meal and the bags of food provided to those who join B&B’s weekly meal for dinner.

The Forest Suites Resort Adopt A Day crew spends their working hours making sure that their resort guests receive all the services and amenities that make their stay at the resort and South Lake Tahoe a wonderful experience. For Juana Gonzalez, Ana Fernandez, Ethan Nicolai, Caitlin Thompson, and Dave Tylenda, providing the same level of service and warmth to the B&B dinner guests was just second nature for each of them…Read more