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Twice yearly, the Harrah’s/Harveys’ HEROs organization sponsors a Bread & Broth Adopt A Day of Nourishment meal to help others in the Lake Tahoe South Shore Community.  On April 22nd, the HEROs were back hosting an AAD at St. Theresa Grace Hall sponsoring the evening meal.  “We all enjoyed serving our local community especially at Easter time,” said HERO member Janice Blanchard.  “It was a fantastic experience to celebrate and serve on Earth Day!”

By sponsoring a Bread & Broth AAD, individuals, organizations and businesses partner with B&B to help cover the costs of a Monday Meal dinner and participate in many of the activities involved in providing a meal serving anywhere from 60 to 110 dinner guests.

The HEROs crew came all decked out in their colorful HEROs’ shirts to help the B&B volunteers and warmly welcome and serve the 83 dinner guests who came to enjoy the chicken stroganoff dinner.   In addition to Janice, the HEROs sponsor crew consisted of

Tim Ault, Pat Frega, Krysteena Palaroan, and Willie Way.  B&B loves having the HEROs join us because they are so experienced, helpful and great to the dinner clients.  We always look forward to their next AAD sponsorship.