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Harrah’s/Harveys’ HEROs sponsors Adopt A Day

Bread & Broth volunteers always enjoy the Monday Meals sponsored by the Harrah’s/ Harveys’ HEROs.  This employee based organization sponsors two Adopt A Day of Nourishment dinners annually and always sends a superb team of HEROs crew members to help volunteer at their sponsorship dinner held at St. Theresa Grace Hall.  On October 29th, the HEROs were represented by Jeff Colameco, Patrick Frega and Darlene Winkelman, who are seasoned AAD sponsor crew members, and Jenny Haas and Veronica Vilaseca, who enjoyed their first time serving at a B&B dinner.

“This wonderful service offered to the community filled me with gratitude, just as it filled the bellies of our neighbors,” commented Jenny when she took a break from the serving line.   “The process of preparing, serving and cleanup is a well-oiled machine,” she added.   Whether or not the sponsor crew members have any previous experience helping at a B&B dinner, their service always is a big factor in making their dinner run smoothly and a big success.

B&B’s Adopt A Day of Nourishment Monday evening dinner sponsorships provide individuals, churches, organizations and businesses the opportunity to help finance a hot, nourishing meal and food ‘giveaway’ bags to help ease hunger for those struggling with the daily needs of life.   In addition, just as the HERO’s sent a sponsor crew to volunteer at their AAD dinner, the AAD sponsorship provides every AAD sponsor the opportunity to experience the impact their meal and service have on the very grateful dinner guests.