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Heavenly Mtn. Safety Team Hosts Dinner


Bread & Broth takes tremendous pride in providing a fantastic communal dinner every Monday that everyone in the community is invited to attend.  Sharing a full-course, nutritious dinner with other members of our community is a wonderful way to engage in fellowship and share a delicious dinner with others.  B&B has been providing meals to the community for almost 30 years and for the past eight years, the Adopt A Day of Nourishment program has provided any member of the community the opportunity to host and serve at their sponsorship dinner.


On Monday, March 18th, the Heavenly Mountain Safety Team sponsored their first ever Adopt A Day.  “The Heavenly Mountain Safety Team appreciates the opportunity to serve our community,” said Steve Martensen, a Safety Team member.  “We met many amazing and grateful people, and we were very happy to serve food and smiles!  Thank you to the wonderful folks at B&B for making this all happen.”   Joining Steve were fellow Safety Team members Myles Chouinard, Jim Fitzpatrick, Brian Heuser, and Uno Stolt.  The Safety Team really enjoyed serving a very tasty roasted turkey dinner served with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and green salad – Thanksgiving in March!


The meal, and its associated costs, was funded by the generous $300 donation provided by the Heavenly Mtn. Safety Team.   The five sponsor team members graciously and happily helped with packing food ‘giveaway’ bags, dished out food on the serving line and helped with the meal’s cleanup.  Thank you to the Heavenly Mtn. Safety Team members for their support of the Adopt A Day program and to the great sponsor crew members who volunteered at their sponsor meal.  They did a wonderful job of making dinner guests feel cared for, happy and well fed.