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With funds provided by Vail’s Epic Promise grants, Heavenly Mountain Resort partners
with Bread & Broth to annually host six Monday Meal dinners at St. Theresa Grace Hall.
Every other month, Heavenly sponsors an “Adopt A Day of Nourishment” and sends a
team of volunteers to help crew at their sponsorship dinner. On December 11 th,
hosting their last AAD of the year, Heavenly’s volunteer sponsor crew was manned by
Michelle Beall, Kelly Campbell, Chris Eckert, Katie Ficeto and Frank Papandrea.
“We are so appreciative of all that St. Theresa Bread & Broth does for our community,”
said Campbell. “It is an honor to support their efforts and help our neighbors and
community.” Through their AAD donation of $250, Heavenly helps B&B provide a hot,
full-course meal to the evening’s dinner guests. These guests include seniors on a
fixed income, struggling families, the homeless, students, and workers earning
minimum wage. In many cases, the Monday Meal is their only hot meal for the week.
As always, the Heavenly team members were helpful, warm and welcoming. Since
most of the crew had served several times at a Monday Meal, they jumped right in to
make the evening meal a pleasant and welcoming dinner event for the guest. B&B
volunteers are always excited when they see that a Heavenly crew will be hosting an
Adopt A Day meal. B&B would like to thank Vail corporation, Heavenly Mountain
Resort and their employee crew members for their amazing generosity and efforts to
serve to those in need.