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Heavenly Ski Patrol Hosts B&B Dinner

Taking a break from helping skiers and keeping them safe on Heavenly Mountain Resort’s slopes, Heavenly Ski Patrol members exchanged their skis for Bread & Broth aprons to help feed Monday Meal dinner guests on March 4th.   As a follow up to an Adopt A Day of Nourishment on February 4th, Heavenly Ski Patrol sponsored their second AAD for the year and sent another great crew to serve at the B&B dinner.


Joining the B&B volunteers were Ski Patrol members Brandon Commanda, Lucas Johnstone, Michelle Loubet, Jacob Madecky and Marissa Streck.   “We are grateful for this opportunity to give back to the community that we live and work in,” said Michelle.

Helping to provide for those in need in the community, Michelle and her follow Ski Patrol members helped fill food giveaway bags and served up a hot nutritious beef stroganoff with noodles meal; closing their volunteer shift helping with the meal’s cleanup.


“It is always so much fun to volunteer at a Bread & Broth dinner and the work they do is so meaningful,” added Michelle.   Having a hot, nutritious meal and a place to share a communal meal does mean a great deal to those who attend B&B dinners.  Thanks to the Heavenly Ski Patrol for their $300 AAD donation and sending a great crew to help feed folks in our community.