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Heavenly Ski Patrol hosts Bread & Broth Monday Meal

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Published: February 28, 2024

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Being a member of the Heavenly Ski Patrol is a really rewarding experience for the members of the patrol team. Whether making sure the ski resort guests are safe, working with the avalanche rescue dogs, or helping injured skiers off of the slopes, the members of the Heavenly Ski Patrol are there to ensure that the ski resort guests are enjoying the best skiing experience possible.

The Heavenly Ski Patrol members are also involved in supporting organizations and groups in the South Lake Tahoe community and have been supporting the Bread & Broth organization since 2014 by sponsoring and hosting 2-4 Adopt A Day of Nourishments annually.

On Monday, February 19, the Heavenly Ski Patrol team hosted their first Adopt A Day sponsorship of 2024 Volunteering for the first time at a Bread & Broth Monday Meal dinner were Heavenly Ski Patrol members Chris Carter, Abbey Stamats, and Zach Welch …Read more