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The HEROs from Harrah’s and Harveys’ Casino Resorts lived up to their name and mission by hosting a Bread & Broth dinner on April 16th.  HEROs, a Caesar Entertainment employee organization, is committed to having members volunteer at charitable causes and give back to their community.  Through their generosity, they are heroes to those who benefit from their support and concern.

Representing the Casinos and their fellow HEROs members at the their Adopt A Day dinner were Jacalyn Andrews, Jeff Colameco, Pat Frega, Veronica Vilaseca and Darlene Winkelman.  These five HEROs were a vibrant and helpful group.  From packing the “giveaway” food bags to cleaning up after the dinner, the HERO volunteers were there for the benefit of the evening’s guests.  “This is such a heart-warming experience,” said Darlene.  “It was truly my pleasure to serve those less fortunate than myself.  This experience has warmed and filled my heart with joy!”

The HEROs have been long time supporters of the B&B dinner program and generally sponsor two “Adopt A Day of Nourishment” dinners annually.  B&B truly appreciates the HEROs commitment to our program and their help in continuing B&B’s role of providing nutritious and well-balanced meals to those in on Lake Tahoe’s south shore who struggle with filling the basic needs I their lives.