Bread & Broth HistoryThe Bread & Broth program began in 1989 as a multi-denominational food outreach program formed as a result of a partnership led by Father John Grace, the Pastor of St. Theresa Catholic Church,  Lake Tahoe Community Presbyterian Church and many committed community members.    In October 1989, the first meals were served at St. Theresa Grace Hall at no charge to all who came through the doors.

Since the first meal was served, thousands of food insecure community members have entered Grace Hall’s door to not only have their hunger eased but to find a safe and secure gathering place where they are treated with dignity and shown the warmth of those who care.

As funding from our generous donors increased over the years,  Bread & Broth focused on improving the nutritional value of food provided at the Monday evening meals.   Current dinners are now  well-balanced, full-course meals which include meat, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables; seconds are provided and  food “giveaway bags” filled with dairy products, fruit, vegetables and bread/pastries are distributed at every Monday Meal event.

In May 2009, the Bread & Broth program added “Second Serving” which serves a soup and simple entree meal every Friday at the Lake Tahoe Community Presbyterian Church.   Bread & Broth’s most recent expansion began in September 2015 with the implementation of the “B&B 4 Kids” program which provides weekend meals during the school year to local students who struggle with hunger in their daily lives.

Throughout the past 27 years, the Bread & Broth program has been recognized as a major factor in the social fabric of the Lake Tahoe South Shore community and our many partnerships with community individuals, organizations, churches and businesses is a testament not only to the Bread & Broth program but to the commitment of our partners to assist those less fortunate who are our neighbors.