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Kirkwood Gives Back to Community

On Monday, September 11 th, Kirkwood Mountain Resort Base Operations team members
joined Bread & Broth volunteers serving the dinner guests who came to Grace Hall for a
delicious meal and the companionship of fellow diners. The diners were in for a real
treat when the B&B cooks whipped up fried catfish and french fries which received rave
reviews from the meal’s guests.

The nutritious and tasty dinner was made possible by Kirkwood’s “Adopt A Day of
Nourishment” sponsorship which is just one of the many ways that Vial Resorts gives
back to the Lake Tahoe South Shore community. Encouraging employee volunteerism
is an integral part of Vail’s commitment to their resort communities and B&B always
looks forward to the amazing Vail team members who assist at the sponsorship meals.
Kirkwood’s Base Operations sponsor team crew was no exception. The team consisted
of Brian Bigley, director; Christian Neville, administration; David McCullers, security
manager; Tim Edison, transportation/parking manager; and Branden Gardella, building
maintenance manager. “We are proud to work together with this wonderful
organization giving back to our community” was the collective response from this
awesome team. B&B is thrilled to have this on-going partnership with Vail and its
committed and hardworking employees.