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Kirkwood Hosts B&B Dinner

An amazing group of Kirkwood crew members volunteered to serve at Kirkwood Mountain Resort’s Adopt A Day of Nourishment on Monday, July 23rd.  “These young people were some of the best sponsor volunteers that we have ever had,” exclaimed Dana Tucker, the AAD Sponsor Crew Coordinator for the evening.  “They were so happy to do anything that was asked of them.”  Even at the end of the evening they all jumped in and dried the dishes to help clean up after the meal.

Being that four of the Kirkwood crew members work in Food & Beverage, it was a natural fit for them to help at the dinner. Making up this great crew were Sarah Ackerson, Nate Hyden, Jared Karter, Zhiyn (Alex) Lin and Lei (Allen) Liu.  “It was an awesome experience with great and friendly B&B volunteers,’ commented Jared. “Experience of a lifetime and the food was amazing.”

The dining experience at B&B’s Monday Meal is definitely a hit with those that come to St. Theresa Grace Hall on Monday’s from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.  Thanks to the culinary skills of the B&B volunteer cooks and the warm and welcoming serving crew, the event is meant not only to provide a filling and nutritious dinner but to also provide a social gathering place for community members.  B&B also provides a soup and simple entrée meal at the LT Community Presbyterian Church every Friday from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. to which all are welcome.

B&B would like to thank Kirkwood Mountain Resort and the Vail EpicPromise grant program for the continuied support of Bread & Broth and our efforts to feed our community members.