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Adopt a Day of Nourishment Articles

Kirkwood Mountain Resort Adopt A Day of Nourishment

left to right: Aryn Yancker, Dora Akers, Matt Jones, Katie Wry.

For over 30 years, Bread & Broth has been providing meals at St. Theresa Church’s Grace Hall to all who come to our door.  Over the years, the number of meals served weekly has changed, but currently B&B serves two meals, Monday Meal and Second Serving on Fridays, every week of the year.   As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, B&B relies on the generosity of time and monetary support from our local community to provide the wonderful and nutritious meals that are enjoyed by our dinner guests.

Two of B&B’s on-going supporters of our Monday Meal dinner are the local Vail Resorts, Heavenly Mountain Resort and Kirkwood Mountain Resort.   Thanks to the funding provided by Vail’s EpicPromise grant program, the two resorts sponsor a total of 12 Adopt a Day of Nourishment dinners annually.  Additionally, the grant funds also support our Thanksgiving meal and funding for our B&B 4 Kids programs.

On Monday, March 2nd, it was Kirkwood Mountain Resort’s turn to host the evening’s Monday Meal.   Kirkwood’s amazing Adopt A Day team members Dora Akers, Matt Jones, Katie Wry and Aryn Yancher arrived at 3:00 help with the dining area setup and food “giveaway” bag packing.  When Grace Hall’s doors opened at 4:00 p.m., the Kirkwood team manned the serving line and finished off their volunteer efforts with the meal’s cleanup.

“Thank you for the opportunity to give back to the community,” said Matt Jones, Kirkwood’s VP and General Manager.  “We are humbled to help out such a wonderful organization.”  B&B is very fortunate to have the support of Vail Resorts and their great team members in our efforts to ease hunger.  Thanks to Vail and all of their team members who have volunteered over the last 8 years, over 9,000 meals have been served to those in need.

For more information on B&B’s AAD sponsorships, donating, volunteering, or meal service information visit or call Carol Gerard at 530-542-2876.