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Kirkwood Sponsors B&B Monday Meal

Kirkwood Mountain Resorts hosted their second 2018 ‘Adopt A Day of Nourishment’
sponsorship dinner on Monday, March 19 th at St. Theresa Grace Hall. Kirkwood’s Guest
Services crew members Natasha Buffo, Dan Deemer and Richie Monroe traveled all the
way from the Kirkwood Resort area to arrive at Grace Hall at 3:00 to lend their
customer service skills and helping hands to the Bread & Broth volunteers.
“Kirkwood is all about community, and our community extends to South Lake,” said
Buffo. “Having the opportunity to exchange smiles and appreciation for one another
with this part of our community was something very special. The B&B volunteers were
welcoming, sweet and also very funny! Those accepting our offering of food were
friendly and filled with gratitude. This was a wonderful experience with co-workers
/friends and we look forward to returning again next season.”

This was the first experience volunteering at a B&B dinner for the Kirkwood crew
members and they were a joy to have helping from the time they arrived until they
finished with the meal’s cleanup and left at 6 o’clock for their drive back to Kirkwood.
Kudos to this amazing Kirkwood crew for their generosity and selflessness helping the
community’s hungry. Over 100 meals were served thanks to their generosity.