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On August 15, Bread & Broth served 125 nutritious meals at St. Theresa Grace Hall to those in our community who struggle with hunger. Thanks to the generosity of Friends of Temple Bat Yam, the dinner’s Adopt A Day sponsor, the diners enjoyed a tasty Mexican casserole prepared by B&B’s amazing cooks. The dinner guests also were provided with bags filled with dairy products, fruits, vegetables, breads and pastries provided by donations from local businesses and B&B donors.

Helping the B&B volunteers to setup and serve at Temple Bat Yam’s AAD dinner were sponsor crew members Naomi and Shelly Zimbler and Debra and Eduardo Day.
All four of these crew members are veteran sponsor crew volunteers which make them extremely helpful in assisting with the dinner. “Another gratifying day working with the wonderful volunteers from B&B and helping those less fortunate,” was Shelly’s response to another stint volunteering at a Bread & Broth dinner. B&B is gratified to have the support of this wonderful community Temple and its members.

For almost 27 years, Bread & Broth has been serving the community by providing Monday evening meals every week at Grace Hall. Seven years ago, “Second Serving” began serving soup and a small entrée at Lake Tahoe Community Presbyterian Church every Friday and last September, food insecure K-8 LTUSD began receiving weekend food during the school year. It is our community members, exemplified by the Friends of Temple Bat Yam, who make this all possible.

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– Bread & Brot