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Letter: Kirkwood takes turn at Bread & Broth

By 10/22/2016October 12th, 2023No Comments

To the community,

From funding provided by Vail’s Epic Promise Grant, Kirkwood Mountain Resort hosted Bread & Broth’s Nov. 10 evening dinner.

Starting off at Kirkwood Mountain Resort’s first Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorship were members of Kirkwood’s leadership team. Casey Blann, general manager, was impressed with the “sincere and appreciative thank yous ” he received from the guests.

“Those with less than most went away happy and looking ahead to taking the extra food home for future meals,” Blann said.

In addition to the full, course nutritious meal, the AAD sponsorships provide funding for giveaway bags containing fruit, vegetables and canned goods and sufficient food from the dinners for seconds and “to go” servings.

Helping Blann with the bagging and serving were fellow Kirkwood sponsor volunteers, Jon Copeland, skier services director; Scarlett Mellin, mountain dinning director; Becca Daiek, executive assistant; and Frederick Newberry, health and safety manger.

“What a great experience. The B&B team ran a fantastic kitchen and event, making it a lot of fun,” Mellin said. “The diners were so thankful and it was nice to put a smile on their face and serve a delicious meal. I could not stop smiling too.”

B&B would like to thank Kirkwood Mountain Resort for its part in supporting B&B’s goal of providing food were most needed and staying to the very end vacuuming and mopping the floors.

To help B&B as a donor or sponsor, contact me at 530.542-.2876 or

Carol Gerard, Bread & Broth