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As a young boy, Jeremy Woodford would attend Bread & Broth’s dinners with his family at Grace Hall.   Now, many years later, Jeremy is “paying it forward” by hosting three B&B dinners so that others can also benefit from the same nourishing meals that helped him when he and his family were experiencing difficult times.

Jeremy sponsored his first of three “Adopt A Day of Nourishments” on Monday, January 1st.   He along with his partner Melissa Brittain and Melissa’s parents, Craig and Barbara Brittain, showed up at 3:00 p.m. to roll up their sleeves, put on B&B aprons and work alongside the B&B volunteers setting up the dessert and drink table and bagging ‘giveaway’ bags filled with breads and pastries, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

It was Melissa’s first visit to a B&B dinner and she found the experience to be a very positive one.  “It was a great evening with great food,” she said.  “Look forward to volunteering again.”

In addition to helping with the dinner’s setup, Jeremy and his sponsor team served the dinner guests and helped with the meal’s cleanup.  B&B would like to extend a very special ‘thank you’ to Jeremy and his hardworking team that come prepared to make sure that others would not go hungry that night.