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The LTCC ADVANCE Adult Education Program is a recently implemented program at the
college whose focus is to train local adults with workforce skills aimed to lead to higher
wages and greater employment options. ADVANCE is a collaborative network of local
businesses, government offices and the K-12 LTUSD which offers the free instruction to
local residents. In addition to helping adults improve their earning skills, the
ADVANCE program wanted to help locals have access to a hot, nutritious meal by
sponsoring a Bread & Broth Monday Meal.
On Monday, 4/30, the dinner served at St. Theresa Grace Hall was funded by a
donation from the ADVANCE program. “We are serving today to help our community
members. We’re honored to serve our brothers and sisters in the Tahoe basin and we
are grateful to Bread & Broth for providing a much-needed service,” was the
collaborative quote of the ADVANCE sponsor crew.
As the ADVANCE crew was volunteering with the dinner’s setup, it was very interesting
to hear from the team’s crew members Taylor Bartlett, Melanie Chu, Nancy Harrison,
Lisa Shafer and Lori Thorne all about the program. This group of hard working ladies
was not only enthusiastic about the ADVANCE program but also about feeding those in
need. B&B would like to thank LTCC for its ADVANCE Adult Education Program and
wanting to help our community members at many levels from training to easing hunger.