Deep Clean Chairperson

Mary Ann spent the early years of her life in Hayward, CA where she was born, raised and eventually married and had her daughter.   In Hayward she also completed her college education at Chabot Community College and upon graduation; she was employed in the banking industry.

Wanting to be able to be a stay at home mom for her infant daughter, Mary Ann and her young family moved to South Lake Tahoe in 1979.  She enjoyed living in the beautiful area of Tahoe and was very happy to be able to spend quality time with her little girl.  Eventually, she began working at the El Dorado County Superior Court as a Court Clerk.  After twenty four years with the Superior Court, Mary Ann retired in 2010.

Even before retiring, Mary Ann began giving back to her long time community when she began volunteering with Bread & Broth in 2007.   She started with general volunteering at the Monday Meal serving, then became an assistant cook, helps with the Adopt A Day Sponsor crews, and adding to her long list of committed support for the B&B program, she is also Deep Cleaning Co-Chairperson.   Volunteering with Bread & Broth is a rewarding experience for Mary Ann and she really appreciates the gratitude and thanks expressed all the time by the dinner guests.

When not volunteering with Bread & Broth, Mary Ann works part-time at TJMaxx.   She enjoys singing and is a choir member of her church.  In addition to spoiling her two dogs, Mary Ann enjoys line dancing, yoga and loves to shop and cook.