Heavenly Hosts B&B Dinner

Another Bread & Broth Monday Meal and another Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsored by Heavenly Mountain Resort.   Thanks to funding provided by Vail’s EpicPromise grant, Heavenly Mountain Resort hosted B&B’s Monday Meal on August 28th.   Signing up to support the B&B volunteers were Heavenly’s Hospitality Market team members Michelle Beall, Chris Eckert, Katie Ficeto and Carley Piper.   

The sponsor’s $250 donation helps to pay for the food, supplies and utility costs that are needed to provide the full course, nutritious meal that fed the dinner guests that arrived at Grace Hall for the evening’s dinner.   The guests were treated to roast beef covered in gravy, roasted potatoes, broccoli, and a beautiful fruit salad, all lovingly prepared by B&B’s talented cooks and warmly served by Heavenly’s sponsor crew.

According to Chris Eckert, he and his team members were excited about their experience at the Heavenly sponsored dinner.  “Experienced the connection with the community.  Recognized people we see out in the community and are stoked we are able to help and support our South Lake Tahoe neighbors.”   Chris and his team members were really helpful and were kept busy serving the 106 dinner guests and then dishing out ‘seconds’ to 33 diners who returned for another serving.  Kudos to Heavenly and their sponsor crew members for their dedication to improving the quality of life for those struggling with hunger.

Liberty Utilities Gives Back to Community

“Here at Liberty, one of our core values is community. We are all part of this
community and enjoy participating by giving back whenever we can.” This was the
collaborative comment given by the sponsor crew members from the Adopt A Day of
Nourishment host Liberty Utilities at their sponsorship dinner on August 21.

Representing Liberty Utilities were team members Theresa Faegre, James Martin and
Kelsey Zieba who had a fun time serving the Solar Eclipse themed dinner proved by
Bread & Broth’s creative and talented cooks.

Taking advantage of the excitement of the Monday solar event, the B&B Monday Meal
menu featured eclipse chicken, half moon salad, cosmic fruit salad, lunar luscious
zucchini, galaxy garlic bread and out of this world desserts. In addition to staffing the
serving line, the Liberty crew helped with bagging fruits, vegetables, dairy products,
canned goods and bread and pastries for the food “giveaway” bags and ending their
evening with the meal’s cleanup.

It is always a treat to have a sponsor crew that is excited and happy about donating
their time and effort to help their neighbors who struggle with hunger. Through
Liberty Utilities’ donation of $250 to help cover the costs of their sponsorship dinner,
B&B was able to welcome and feed over 100 community members full-course and
nutritious meal. Kudos to Liberty Utilities and their incredible volunteer crew for their
commitment to their community.

Rotarians Partner with B&B

The Tahoe-Douglas Rotary Club is partnering with Bread & Broth by hosting five Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorships over the next ten months.   “The Tahoe-Douglas Club is happy to support Bread & Broth’s wonderful program and looks forward to a strong relationship with B&B and its fantastic volunteers,” commented Ashley Colvin, Rotary’s acting president.   Hosting the Monday Meal dinners which serve the less fortunate of our community aligns with the club’s mission to serve others by working side by side with the community on local service projects.

On August 7th, the Rotary Club hosted their first AAD and volunteering along with Ashley at the dinner were fellow Rotarians Chris Croft, Matt Grime, Greg Felton and Paul Thibodeau.  In addition to serving the community, the Rotary Club encourages their members to “focus on fun and fellowship in all we do”.   True to form, these five volunteers enjoyed their time welcoming and serving the 85 dinner guests who came for a tasty and filling meal at St. Theresa Grace Hall.

B&B is very thankful for the support that the Tahoe-Douglas Rotary Club is providing to our organization.  Partnerships through the AAD program provide both monetary and volunteer support which guarantees our Monday Meal dinners will continue to be provided to help ease hunger for our food insecure community members.   B&B is looking forward to the Rotary’s next AAD sponsorship in October.

Still Water Yoga Serves Community

A gold star for outstanding volunteer service and original Adopt A Day of Nourishment
picture pose goes to Still Water Yoga. This limber and very kind and thoughtful group
of ladies was a joy to have hosting Bread & Broth’s July 24 th Monday Meal. To Karen
Eberlin, Shannon Liebel, Lucy McLaughlin, Susan Glasson and Liz Norman, B&B would
like to thank you and would love to have your yoga group back any time.
The $250 donated for the sponsorship meal enabled the B&B cooks to offer pulled pork
and roast beef sandwiches, broccoli, cole slaw, and fruit salad on the evening’s menu.
In addition to serving the meals to the dinner guests, the Still Water Yoga crew helped
bag fruits, vegetables, dairy products and baked goods to send home with the diners to
help supplement meals later in the week. At the end of meal, this hardworking crew
helped the B&B volunteers with the meal’s breakdown and cleanup.
“It was a pleasure to be able to help serve the community,” said Shannon. “Thank you
for being so organized and allowing us this opportunity.” B&B is so pleased to have
the support and help of our community partners like Still Water Yoga who take this
‘opportunity’ to help ease hunger and improve the lives of those in need.
To partner with B&B as a donor or sponsor, contact Carol at (530) 542-2876 or

Filipino Community Hosts Adopt A Day Dinner

“The Filipino Community would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Bread & Broth for once again giving us the opportunity to be a part of their very important and heart-warming Adopt A Day program,” commented Mila Seals.  Mila has been coordinating the AAD meals that the Filipino Community has been sponsoring for the last four years.

With the help of eleven members of the Filipino Community, a wonderful Filipino themed dinner was served to B&B’s dinner guests at the March 6th Monday Meal.

The evening’s guests enjoyed sweet and sour pork ribs, honey mustard chicken, chow mien noodles, rice and broccoli with cheese all prepared and cooked by the Filipino sponsor crew.  This generous and hardworking sponsor crew out did themselves hosting the meal.  In addition to cooking the tasty meal, they helped with the setup, serving and cleanup and were a joy to all who attended the dinner.

B&B would like to take this opportunity to thank Mila Seal, Myra Fajilan, Cecilia de Leon, Ador Manalili, Julie Fajayan, Nora Cabanero, Bogey Boyes, Sally Dasalla and Belma, Rudy, Mila, and Mercy Penollar   These wonderful members of the Filipino Community donated their time and effort to helping others in need by serving a delicious and nutritious meal prepared from the heart

Tahoe Art League Feeds Community

Local arts organization, Tahoe Art League, has long been serving Tahoe artists and promoting the arts to feed hearts and minds in the south shore.  On February 20th, the Art League fed the hungry of our community by sponsoring Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal at St. Theresa Grace Hall.

At the Monday Meal, current and past Art League board members Connie Clark, president; Barbie Crawford, secretary; Janet McDougall, vice president; and Robert Schimmel; past president, volunteered their time and provided incredible service to the B&B volunteers.  These wonderful volunteers helped serve a ‘heartwarming’ shepard’s pie served with green beans, salad, peaches & yummy desserts donated by local stores.

Taking a break from serving, Robert shared his comments.  “We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve those who have less and so appreciate this ministry.  It is humbling and very gratifying to help the B&B crew and personally see the good that is done at the Monday Meals.”

Thanks to generous Adopt A Day sponsors like Tahoe Art League, B&B has been very fortunate to provide meals to those in need for over 27 years.  Our incredible financial donors and their sponsor crews, who donate their time to work side by side with us, are an appreciated and integral part of B&B’s Monday Meal program.

Kudos to Kirkwood Mountain Resort AAD Crew

Kudos to Kirkwood Mountain Resort AAD Crew

A big thank you to all of the volunteers who braved snow covered roads to help feed the vulnerable and hungry at Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal serving on January 23rd.   Being the biggest snow fall in years, no one was really sure if the meal’s volunteers or any dinner guests would be able to travel the roads to St. Theresa’s Grace Hall.  Amazingly, 65 dinner guests and most of the scheduled volunteers attended the dinner.

Sponsoring the evening’s dinner was Kirkwood Mountain Resort and Skier Services crew members Jon Copeland, Anjie Goulding, Reba Mourcio and Jamie Mullens formed the volunteer sponsor crew.  “It’s always a treat to come to volunteer here and support the community,” said Jon.   “Bread & Broth does a fantastic job and we are happy to help and support.  Our employees enjoy the experience.”

Bread & Broth is very fortunate to have volunteers and sponsor groups that are committed to helping the hungry even under hazardous conditions.  Walking and driving through barely plowed streets to help at B&B’s Monday Meal and making a difference in another person’s life deserves a very special thank you.  So kudos to Kirkwood Mountain Resort and their incredible Skier Services sponsor crew.

Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra Continues their Support of B&B

Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra Continues their Support of B&B

It is always a treat when the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra hosts a Bread & Broth ‘Adopt A Day of Nourishment’.   Not only has the Kiwanis Club sponsored an Adopt A Day every January since the program’s inception in 2010, but they were the first organization to host an AAD dinner when the program was introduced.   Bread & Broth is so fortunate to have the on-going support of the dedicated Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra.

On Monday, January 9, Kelly Meyer joined her fellow Kiwanis Club and seasoned AAD volunteer crew members Rich Dart, Pat Frega and Jan Lynds in providing help at the Club’s AAD dinner.   “This experience and opportunity to give back to the community I was born and raised in is incredible”, said Kelly.  “It’s an eye opening experience and one I will be grateful for as it sticks with me – the dinner guest’s strength, gratitude and tenacity.   Sitting and talking with some of them was an honor and serving them was all my pleasure.  I was blessed to be amongst my fellow Kiwanians!”

Each Kiwanis Club is dedicated to improving the world one child, one person at a time.  Bread & Broth would like to thank the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra for partnering with our program in our mutual goal of helping the neediest member of our community.

For more B&B program information, visit

Heavenly Hosts B&B Dinner

Heavenly Hosts B&B Dinner

“It is important work that we enjoy giving back to the community in which we live,” said Leslie Amato about her experience as a sponsor volunteer crew member from Heavenly Mountain Resort at Bread & Broth’s dinner on December 5th.  As the evening dinner’s Adopt A Day sponsor, Heavenly hosted the meal which consisted of a hearty shepherd’s pie served with oven fried zucchini, green salad, fruit salad and a variety of dessert pies and cakes.

The hot, nutritious, full course meals served every Monday to any and all that come to St. Theresa’s Grace Hall are made possible by the efforts of many caring and dedicated volunteers and financial donors such as Heavenly Mountain Resort.  B&B would like to thank Leslie Amato, Heavenly day care manager, and her fellow sponsor crew members Shylo Schumaher, HR specialist; Peter Spellman, finance and Joshua Gonzalez and Erin McAvoy, mountain dining managers, for their great service at the evening meal.

According to Leslie, the Heavenly sponsor crew’s favorite comment came from a dinner guest who was “thanking us for sharing our smiles.”   It is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience to share your time and concern to help others in need and the smiles are just a byproduct of those feelings.  Kudos to Heavenly Mountain Resort and their outstanding team members who partner with B&B to give hope and care to hungry, at risk people.

Ameriprise Financial Sponsors Dinner

Ameriprise Financial Sponsors Dinner

In partnership with Feeding America, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. advisors and employees participate in the national day of service by volunteering at events which help feed the hungry. On Monday, November 28, Private Wealth Advisor Richard Gross and Elizabeth Palmer, Client Service Manager, from Tahoe’s Ameriprise Financial Services office sponsored and volunteered at Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal. Feeding 95 dinner guests, they joined the nationwide effort by Ameriprise Financial’s volunteers to feed the one in six in our nation who struggle with hunger.

“Every year we are humbled to be able to serve,” stated Richard. “All the volunteers have huge hearts! See you next year!” Richard and members of his Ameriprise Financial office have been sponsoring Adopt A Days for the past four years. Bread & Broth can always count on an Ameriprise dinner sponsorship in November and look forward to their cheerful and “ready and willing” attitude when helping at the event.

Bread & Broth would like to recognize and thank Ameriprise Financial Services for their dedication to utilizing the firm’s resources and talents to improve the lives of individuals and help build strong communities. Through their partnership with Bread & Broth, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. has taken the opportunity to help people in our community and provide an example of how corporations can positively impact the lives of those in need.