Tahoe Beach Retreat Sponsors B&B Dinner

“Just like food fills the stomach, being able to serve fills our heart,” exclaimed Nathan Duke.  Nathan came to the October 22nd Monday Meal as an Adopt A Day sponsor crew member for the Tahoe Beach Retreat.  Not only was this Nathan’s first experience helping at a B&B dinner but it was also the first time volunteering at a B&B event for his two fellow Beach Retreat crew members, Buffy Linkul and Jenna Overman.

It was such a pleasure to work with this Tahoe Beach Retreat crew.  They promptly showed up at 3:00, got signed in and immediately joined the B&B volunteers filling the food ‘giveaway’ bags with food items for the dinner guests to take home for later in the week.  When the doors opened at 4:00 for the dinner service, the trio from the Beach Retreat was on the serving line dishing out heaping portions of Mexican Pork stew served with Spanish rice, refried black beans, corn and coleslaw.  The crew ended their evening helping with the takedown and cleanup of the dining facility and kitchen.

Thanks to the financial donation of $300 by Tahoe Beach Retreat to sponsor an AAD and the help provided to the B&B volunteers by Buffy, Jenna and Nathan, 105 dinner guests were served a hot, nutritious meal and made to feel welcome and cared for by all of those volunteering at the dinner.  B&B would like to thank Tahoe Beach Retreat and their warm and giving sponsor crew for their support in giving to those in need and   making a positive impact on their lives.

Heavenly Mountain Resorts Serves Community

Thanks to Vail’s Epic Promise Grant funds, Heavenly Mountain Resort hosts six Adopt A Day of Nourishment dinners every year.  Bread & Broth is very grateful for Vail’s financial support and the many hours that Heavenly team members donate of their personal time to support B&B’s efforts to ease hunger in our community by hosting Monday Meal dinners.

Hosting their fifth AAD of the year on October 15th, Heavenly’s AAD sponsor crew was staffed by members of their Security team.  Tom Maugeri, Security Manager shared his thoughts about participating at the evening’s dinner.   “What an honor and a blessing to be given the opportunity to join B&B in serving our community. To see the smiles and gratitude from all of the staff and guests was heartwarming. It was eye opening to see how many in our town need this help.  Thank you to B&B for providing this amazing outreach!”  

Joining Tom were fellow security team members Nathan Castellanos, Hans Eckhoff, Jen Kawaratani and Bill Nelson.  In addition to bagging food for “giveaways”, the team dished out 95 first servings followed up with 18 servings for dinner guests who came back for seconds.  They were a busy crew also helping with serving desserts and drinks and even helping with washing/drying and Grace Hall’s cleanup.

B&B would not be able to serve the weekly Monday Meal dinners without the financial support of our AAD sponsors.  Sponsors like Heavenly Mountain Resort ensure that the our community’s at-risk population have a hot, nutritious meal and a place where they are treated with warmth and dignity every week of the year.

Sierra Valley Electric Assists B&B

As the Bread & Broth dinner guests were lining up outside of St. Theresa Church Grace Hall, the volunteers from Sierra Valley Electric, Inc. were busy helping the B&B volunteers prepare for the evening’s free meal on October 1st.   As the evening’s ‘Adopt A Day of Nourishment’ sponsor, Sierra Valley Electric team members Nick Chandler, Ralph Duron,  Tim Garrison and Sandy Herback took the opportunity to help people in need.  “We love supporting Bread & Broth,” Sandy said. 

As the host for the night’s Monday Meal, locally owned and operated, Sierra Valley Electric donated funds which help to cover the cost of the evening’s meals of more than 90 servings of eggplant parmesan, roasted veggies, green salad, apple/pear salad and a wide-variety of desserts.  With the AAD sponsorship donation of $300, B&B is able to serve healthy, well-balanced meals and to purchase fruit, vegetables, and dairy products to add to the groceries donated by stores and businesses for giveaway bags for those attending the dinner.

The Bread & Broth volunteers look forward to the annual sponsorship of Sierra Valley Electric and their team members, who always make the evening so enjoyable with their great attitudes and desire to improve the lives of others.  Kudos to Sierra Valley Electric and their employees for their commitment to B&B and for the many community projects that support throughout the year.

B&B Salutes Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Bread & Broth can always count on Kirkwood Mountain Resort to send an outstanding crew to work along side of the B&B volunteers to provide a wonderful dinner for all of guests who come to St. Theresa Grace Hall for a Monday Meal dinner.   At Kirkwood’s September 17th ‘Adopt A Day of Nourishment’, the Kirkwood volunteer sponsor crew consisted of Katie Ficeto, Rick Hofheings, Jacob Klade, Jarrett Morgan, Christian Neville and Mike Scalzo.  “We enjoyed our time volunteering and helping out our community,’ said Katie after working on the serving line.  “It is nice for us to take time out of our lives to serve others in need.  Thank you to Bread & Broth for all you do and letting us be a part of it.”  

B&B is really grateful that so many of our community individuals, organizations and businesses participate in the Adopt A Day of Nourishment program.   The AAD sponsorship’s $300 donation helps B&B cover the cost of the dinners and the sponsor crews are always helpful and bring a wonderful spirit of empathy and compassion for those they are serving.  

B&B salutes Kirkwood Mountain Resort and their hardworking and fun team members for their continuing support of the AAD program.   Kirkwood sponsors six AADs annually and B&B appreciates their amazing generosity, both financially and the giving of their team members’ personal time, to bring food and fellowship to those experiencing hunger.

B&B Thanks Mind Body Physical Therapy

Bread & Broth is very grateful for the Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorship that was hosted by Mind Body Physical Therapy on Monday, August 28th.   B&B serves a dinner every Monday at Grace Hall that is financially sponsored by the AAD host and made possible by the hard work of the B&B volunteers and the AAD sponsor crew members who all volunteer their time and effort to feed those in need in our community.

Christina Frohlich, Mind Body PT owner, recruited Jamison Delallo, Jessica Jones and Shannon Yannazzo to join her AAD volunteer sponsor team for the evening.  This outstanding crew brought their drive and enthusiasm to help other to their 3 hours of volunteering at the dinner’s setup, serving and cleanup.   All the volunteers were kept very busy serving the 111 dinner guests who enjoyed the tasty garlic encrusted pork loin, mashed potatoes, ratatolle, coleslaw and fruit salad all lovingly prepared by the dedicated B&B cooks.

“My first time volunteering at a B&B meal and loved helping out!  I love being of service and providing a smile to everyone,” commented Shannon.   Thanks to the Mind Body Physical Therapy, B&B was able to provide a great meal, a safe place to socialize, and bags of food for grateful guests to take home.   Mind Body Physical Therapy was a welcome host to the dinner and B&B appreciates the support we have received from this local business for the past several years.

Barton Foundation Sponsors AAD Dinner

Promoting philanthropy for the health of the community, Barton Memorial Hospital Foundation hosted a Bread & Broth Adopt A Day of Nourishment on Monday, 8/20.  Thanks to the help provided by Barton Foundation’s volunteer crew members, the evening’s 106 dinner guests enjoyed a Mexican casserole served with salads, coleslaw, tasty desserts and a bag of food filled with dairy products, fruit, vegetables, canned goods, and breads and pastries to take home for meals later in the week.

Bread & Broth is very grateful to the Barton Foundation for partnering with our organization in our efforts to provide hot, filling and healthy meals to our community members.  Through the Adopt A Day program, our sponsor’s donation helps with the costs associated with the dinners and the sponsor crew members help the B&B volunteers with packing the ‘food giveaway’ bags and the dinner’s setup, serving and cleanup.

Volunteering for their first time at a B&B Monday Meal, Barton’s volunteer crew members Kyra Abramson, Marty Green Chartraw, Diane Roeser-Kinney, Jenny Taylor and Ruby Turner were happy to see how the Foundations’ meal impacted those attending.  “It’s a wonderful feeling to give back,” commented Jenny.  “Everyone is so grateful and friendly.  Proud to be a part of the Adopt of Nourishment program!”

Thank you to Barton Memorial Hospital Foundation for supporting B&B’s effort to provide healthy meals and food to our community’s at risk population.

Heavenly Hosts B&B Dinner

Michelle Beall, Chris Brune, Chris Eckert, Katie Ficeto and Zach Koneffko, all team members of Heavenly Mountain Resort’s Marketing Department, showed up at Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal on August 6th to have a good time and to help others.  “We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of tonight’s incredible dinner,” shared Michelle.  “Bread & Broth is such a wonderful part of our community and we feel lucky to be able to help out.”

Thanks to Vail Resort’s Epic Promise Grant, every month one of the local Vail Resorts hosts an Adopt A Day of Nourishment.   With the AAD financial donation of $300, B&B’s Monday Meals are able to provide full-course, tasty dinners that help ease hunger in the community and provide Vail team members the opportunity to participate in an event where they experience the gratification in helping others.

The Heavenly Marketing team members were a fun and hardworking group.  With their help, the B&B volunteers assembled food ‘giveaway’ bags filled with dairy products, fruit, vegetables, canned goods and breads/pastries; served 97 meals; packed ‘leftover’ containers and ended their 3 hours of volunteering helping with the meal’s cleanup.  Throughout the evening, the sponsor crew brought smiles and joy as they pitched in to help.  Kudos to Heavenly and their sponsor crews for all they do to improve the quality of life of others.

Adventure Mountain Lake Tahoe gives back to community

Family owned and operated Adventure Mountain Lake Tahoe will soon be offering sledding, tubing, and snow fun adventures in the upcoming winter months.   In the meantime, Adventure Mountain owners Linda and Jim Mueller sponsored the Bread & Broth Monday Meal on September 10th as a way of offering members of the local community a fun evening of excellent food, social mixing and a welcoming environment.   

In addition to financing the evening meal, Linda and Jim had staff members Luke Muller and Cathy Vogelgesang and good friend Randy Vogelgesang join the B&B volunteers pack “food giveaway” bags, man the serving line and help with the meal’s cleanup.  One of the best aspects of an Adopt A Day sponsorship is the opportunity to not only help at the dinner but to feel the personal connection with the grateful diners.

 “We appreciate the Adopt A Day of Nourishment program and the wonderful outreach B&B has provided over the years to the South Lake Tahoe community,” commented Linda on behalf of the Adventure Mountain staff.  “We are always honored to be a part of the good works and good food B&B provides to those in need in our community.”

B&B is very grateful to the Adventure Mountain Lake Tahoe owners who have been sponsoring AAD for several years now and the sponsor crew members for their enthusiastic support of B&B’s AAD program.  B&B’s business sponsors are fine examples of how their community involvement strengthens the community.

Rotary Club partners with Bread & Broth

Bread & Broth was very fortunate to have the Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club partner with us to help ease hunger at the September 3rd Monday Meal.  The Rotary Club is dedicated to helping others and its members are involved in many community projects that improve the quality life for the disadvantaged.  The club encourages its members to work side by side with the community in local serve projects and has signed up to host 4 additional Adopt A Days of Nourishment sponsorships over the next 9 months.

“We love being a part of Bread & Broth,” commented Ellen Dauscher, who is coordinating the Club’s sponsorships.  “It is so wonderful to help feed those less fortunate.  Their smiles fill our hearts.”   Volunteering along with Ellen at the dinner were fellow Rotarians Andy Dauscher, Kelly Johnson, and Bob and Karen Senna.  The Rotary club’s sponsor crew spent three hours providing incredible service in their efforts to help the B&B volunteers put on a Monday Meal which included a full-course meal, food “giveaway” bags and seconds for those who were up for another meal serving.

“Bread & Broth fills a great need in our community,” added Ellen.  In addition to the Monday Meal, B&B provides a Second Serving Meal at the Presbyterian Church every Friday and food for children during the summer school breaks and a weekend food backpack program throughout the school year.

As an all volunteer, non-profit organization, B&B programs are all financed through funding from our very generous donors and sponsors.   B&B is grateful to the Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club for their AAD sponsor donations and the time donated by their club members in their service to others.

B&B Thanks Still Water Yoga

Bringing lots of energy and good vibes, the ladies from Still Water Yoga were very excited to participate in their Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorship for Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal on July 30th.   Coming to volunteer on behalf of Still Water Yoga were sponsor crew members Karen Erberlin, Carol Faccinetti, Susan Glasson, Tiffany Grimes and Liz Norman.  These ladies exemplified the spirit of Still Water Yoga through their warmth and openness to helping others, especially, the guests attending the evening’s dinner.

As the evening’s dinner event was coming to an end, the ladies shared why they were so excited to volunteer at a Monday Meal dinner.  “It’s a privilege and a blessing for us to help serve our Lake Tahoe sangha (sangha is a Sanskrit yoga term meaning community).  We love our community!”

Sponsoring and serving at an AAD dinner is an inspiring way to help others.  Providing a filling and nutritious dinner to seniors on fixed incomes, struggling families, minimum wage workers, the homeless and those just needing a helping hand is a very humbling and fulfilling experience.  B&B would like to thank Still Water Yoga and their wonderful crew for their support of the Adopt A Day of Nourishment program.