Kirkwood Helps Serve B&B Dinner

Bread & Broth serves two meals weekly, and due to the recent fire at the Lake Tahoe Community Presbyterian Church, both meals are currently being served at St. Theresa Church Grace Hall.  The meals are hot and nutritious and everyone in the community is invited and encouraged to join us for a communal dining experience.

B&B’s full-course Monday Meal served from 4:00 to 5:30 is funded through the Adopt A Day of Nourishment program.  Through the program, AAD sponsors donate $300 to help cover the meal’s costs and send a sponsor crew to participate in the meal’s setup, serving and cleanup.  Sponsors see first-hand the impact of their funding and service.

Thanks to the Vail EpicPromise Grant program, Kirkwood Mountain resort sponsors six AADs annually and B&B’s most recent Monday Meal served on January 21st, was hosted by Kirkwood.  Without exception, the Kirkwood sponsor crew teams are outstanding.

They are fun, kind and hard working.   Doing a wonderful job representing Kirkwood at the Monday Meal were Evan Brienza, Sonya and Kate Meyer.

“We were all very honored to be invited to this dining event,” said Evan.  “It is important that we all express our human compassion and kindness.  Everyone is very friendly, both volunteers and guests.  I would be more than happy to return.”

The Second Serving meal occurs every Friday from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. and offers a soup and simple entrée.  Everyone is welcome to join our weekly dinners.

Connect for a Cause

All proceeds go to B&B 4 Kids!!

Camp Richardson Resort Sponsors Dinner

“The opportunity to give back to the community is a gift,” shared Mary Griffin as she volunteered at Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal on December 17th.   Mary along with Lori Hargan, Sierra Williams, and Kelley and Larry Pedigo were all sponsor crew members for Camp Richardson Resort’s Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorship and the evening meal they hosted.  “Thank you for giving the staff of Camp Richardson that gift,” Mary added.

Camp Richardson has been hosting Adopt A Days for the past 6 years and always send a dedicated and hardworking crew to help the B&B volunteers throughout the dinner event.  With their help, 96 dinner guests enjoyed a hot, full course, nutritious meal and had the opportunity to take home additional food provided in the ‘giveaway’ bags and cartons filled with the dinner’s leftovers.  Thanks to the generosity of Camp Richardson Resort’s $300 donation and their wonderful crew, B&B was able to provide another wonderful meal to those in need.

B&B’s Adopt A Day of Nourishment program is a way for anyone to participate in helping to ease hunger for the folks often struggling to meet daily basic needs.  Our sponsors are able to experience the impact of their compassion when they see that their caring puts a smile on people’s faces because they know there is someone who cares.  B&B truly appreciates Camp Richardson and their staff members for their ongoing support of the Adopt a Day program and their efforts to see that everyone has a chance to experience the beauty of our South Lake Tahoe community.

B&B Thanks Heavenly Mountain Resort

Thanks to Vail’s EpicPromise Grant funding, Heavenly Mountain Resort hosts six Bread & Broth Adopt A Day of Nourishments annually.  Heavenly’s sixth and final AAD for 2018 was sponsored on December 10th and their $300 sponsorship donation went towards serving a fantastic Greek themed dinner.   B&B’s talented volunteer cooks whipped up Greek chicken, a Greek pasta salad, broccoli, and a beautiful Greek salad to be served by the Heavenly sponsor volunteers to the very happy dinner guests.

Heavenly’s sponsor crew volunteers for the evening were Pete Kinkead, Scotty Auld, Chanel Walker, Matt Collins, and Katie Ficeto and all of them serve as members of Heavenly’s Vail EpicPromise Employee Foundation board.  Their board role is to help distribute Vail EpicPromise Employee Grant funds to Heavenly employees experiencing emergency situations. Therefore, in addition to helping Vail employees, this group of conscientious volunteers also donated their time and effort to helping feed local community members.

“This experience was amazing and made my year,” commented Pete.  “Anytime you can get 100 warm smiles and heart felt ‘thank yous’, you know that there is no better place to be.  And you leave with a renewed gratitude and appreciation for what’s really important.”    

Bread & Broth would like to express our deepest appreciation for the impact of Heavenly’s funding and the help of their crew members in our efforts to ease hunger in our community.

Tahoe/Douglas Rotary Club Supports Community

“Tahoe/Douglas Rotary Club loves to support Bread & Broth and all its volunteers,” stated Rotarian Ashley Colvin while volunteering as an Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsor crew member.   “B&B is such a wonderful program that our community is lucky to have,” she added.   Fortunately for B&B, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, we are the recipients of the very generous support of the Rotary club members which enables the program to provide meals and bags filled with food to those in need of food support in our community.

Hosting their 6th Adopt of Day this year, the Tahoe/Douglas Rotary Club sponsored the December 3rd Monday Meal at St. Theresa Grace Hall.   In addition to the $300 Adopt A Day sponsorship donation, the organization sent a wonderful sponsor crew to spend 3 hours helping the B&B volunteers with the dinner’s setup, serving and cleanup.   In addition to Ashley, representatives from the Rotary Club included Randy Butler, Penny Echan, Grace Schorr, and Roberta Stillwell.

The attending Rotarians were a great AAD sponsor crew.  They warmly and with great compassion served up a Shepherd’s pie dinner to the evening’s dinner guests and Roberta even volunteered to help with the dishwashing/drying duties.  One cannot expect anything less from the Rotarians considering all of the worthy causes that the organization supports.   B&B would like to commend and thank the Tahoe/Douglas Rotary Club for their efforts in making our community a better place for all our community members. 

Montbleu Hosts B&B Dinner

Montbleu Resort Casino & Spa hosted Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal on November 27th and sent an amazing sponsor crew to help the B&B volunteers serve a turkey tetrazzini full course dinner to the 92 attending dinner guests.  The doors to St. Theresa Grace Hall are open from 4:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. and everyone from the community is invited to enjoy the tasty and filling dinners that are served every Monday throughout the year by the Bread & Broth organization.

Through B&B’s Adopt A Day of Nourishment program, Montbleu Resort participates annually in sponsoring a Monday Meal and sends a crew that represents the resort team members’ goal of ‘always being there to help’.   Providing exemplary service bagging the giveaway food bags and manning the serving line were Montbleu team members Mindy Bobadilla, Marta Cortes and Olimpia Nautz.  Mindy spoke for her Montbleu team and wrote, “It was a pleasure to volunteer with Bread & Broth and we really enjoyed working with the dinner guests and the B&B volunteers.” 

B&B would like to express our appreciation for the yearly sponsorship and support that Montbleu Resort Casino & Spa provides to our organization and those who depend on our services for food assistance.  Thanks to their support, B&B is able to serve meals, sharing food and community with the hungry.

Ameriprise Financial Services Supports B&B

The Corporate Offices of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. hosts a National Day of Service with the goal of ending hunger during the month of November and encourages all of the branch offices to participate in a day of service within their communities.  For the past six years, Richard Gross, Private Wealth Advisor and owner of the South Lake Tahoe community’s Ameriprise Financial Servicess, Inc. office, has hosted a Bread & Broth Adopt A Day of Nourishment in order to serve the local community members a hot, nutritious meal.

Thanks to Richard’s generous AAD donation of $300, B&B served over 90 dinner guests on November 12th at B&B’s Monday Meal at St. Theresa Grace Hall.   Due to unforeseen events that day, Richard was unable to attend the dinner but Elizabeth Palmer, an office team member, joined the B&B volunteers in serving a filling spaghetti and meatball dinner and helping to pack the food “giveaway’ bags filled with produce, dairy products, canned goods and breads/pastries.

Being a repeat sponsor volunteer, Liz jumped right in along side the B&B volunteers and commented on why she enjoyed helping every year at Ameriprise Financial’s annual AAD.  “I dearly love volunteering at B&B every year and it is something I look forward to.  The volunteer team is always great to work with and I enjoy getting to know them.”  In regards to the dinner guests, she wrote, “I love the smiles on folks faces when we are serving and I love hearing their stories.”

Although Richard was very disappointed that he was unable to attend the dinner, his sponsorship for the evening brought smiles to the faces of those he was trying to help and serve.   B&B is very grateful to have the on-going support of Richard and his Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. team members.

Harrah’s/Harveys’ HEROs sponsors Adopt A Day

Bread & Broth volunteers always enjoy the Monday Meals sponsored by the Harrah’s/ Harveys’ HEROs.  This employee based organization sponsors two Adopt A Day of Nourishment dinners annually and always sends a superb team of HEROs crew members to help volunteer at their sponsorship dinner held at St. Theresa Grace Hall.  On October 29th, the HEROs were represented by Jeff Colameco, Patrick Frega and Darlene Winkelman, who are seasoned AAD sponsor crew members, and Jenny Haas and Veronica Vilaseca, who enjoyed their first time serving at a B&B dinner.

“This wonderful service offered to the community filled me with gratitude, just as it filled the bellies of our neighbors,” commented Jenny when she took a break from the serving line.   “The process of preparing, serving and cleanup is a well-oiled machine,” she added.   Whether or not the sponsor crew members have any previous experience helping at a B&B dinner, their service always is a big factor in making their dinner run smoothly and a big success.

B&B’s Adopt A Day of Nourishment Monday evening dinner sponsorships provide individuals, churches, organizations and businesses the opportunity to help finance a hot, nourishing meal and food ‘giveaway’ bags to help ease hunger for those struggling with the daily needs of life.   In addition, just as the HERO’s sent a sponsor crew to volunteer at their AAD dinner, the AAD sponsorship provides every AAD sponsor the opportunity to experience the impact their meal and service have on the very grateful dinner guests.

Tahoe Beach Retreat Sponsors B&B Dinner

“Just like food fills the stomach, being able to serve fills our heart,” exclaimed Nathan Duke.  Nathan came to the October 22nd Monday Meal as an Adopt A Day sponsor crew member for the Tahoe Beach Retreat.  Not only was this Nathan’s first experience helping at a B&B dinner but it was also the first time volunteering at a B&B event for his two fellow Beach Retreat crew members, Buffy Linkul and Jenna Overman.

It was such a pleasure to work with this Tahoe Beach Retreat crew.  They promptly showed up at 3:00, got signed in and immediately joined the B&B volunteers filling the food ‘giveaway’ bags with food items for the dinner guests to take home for later in the week.  When the doors opened at 4:00 for the dinner service, the trio from the Beach Retreat was on the serving line dishing out heaping portions of Mexican Pork stew served with Spanish rice, refried black beans, corn and coleslaw.  The crew ended their evening helping with the takedown and cleanup of the dining facility and kitchen.

Thanks to the financial donation of $300 by Tahoe Beach Retreat to sponsor an AAD and the help provided to the B&B volunteers by Buffy, Jenna and Nathan, 105 dinner guests were served a hot, nutritious meal and made to feel welcome and cared for by all of those volunteering at the dinner.  B&B would like to thank Tahoe Beach Retreat and their warm and giving sponsor crew for their support in giving to those in need and   making a positive impact on their lives.

Heavenly Mountain Resorts Serves Community

Thanks to Vail’s Epic Promise Grant funds, Heavenly Mountain Resort hosts six Adopt A Day of Nourishment dinners every year.  Bread & Broth is very grateful for Vail’s financial support and the many hours that Heavenly team members donate of their personal time to support B&B’s efforts to ease hunger in our community by hosting Monday Meal dinners.

Hosting their fifth AAD of the year on October 15th, Heavenly’s AAD sponsor crew was staffed by members of their Security team.  Tom Maugeri, Security Manager shared his thoughts about participating at the evening’s dinner.   “What an honor and a blessing to be given the opportunity to join B&B in serving our community. To see the smiles and gratitude from all of the staff and guests was heartwarming. It was eye opening to see how many in our town need this help.  Thank you to B&B for providing this amazing outreach!”  

Joining Tom were fellow security team members Nathan Castellanos, Hans Eckhoff, Jen Kawaratani and Bill Nelson.  In addition to bagging food for “giveaways”, the team dished out 95 first servings followed up with 18 servings for dinner guests who came back for seconds.  They were a busy crew also helping with serving desserts and drinks and even helping with washing/drying and Grace Hall’s cleanup.

B&B would not be able to serve the weekly Monday Meal dinners without the financial support of our AAD sponsors.  Sponsors like Heavenly Mountain Resort ensure that the our community’s at-risk population have a hot, nutritious meal and a place where they are treated with warmth and dignity every week of the year.