OVERVIEW: Director Position


Responsible for maintaining a vision, planning a strategy, and ensuring fiscal responsibility for the entity. He or she presides at Advisory Board meetings, provides oversight for public relations and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. All Advisory Board members will report to the Director. The position can be filled by Co-Directors who will divide the responsibilities between themselves.

Time Commitment:

• 10-14 hours per week
• Attendance at quarterly Advisory Board meetings Board Responsibilities:
• Attend quarterly Advisory Board meetings
• Responsible for ensuring that all Food Safety Manual and Volunteer Handbook Policy/Procedures are followed by B&B volunteers
• Contribute to a minimum of one outside event during fiscal year; fundraiser, dinner servings, etc.

Specific Responsibilities:

• Pledges to run a fiscally responsible program.
• Conducts quarterly Advisory Board meetings and prepares meeting agendas.
• Serves as the interface between the Bread & Broth Program and St. Theresa’s Church representative/parish committees.
• Meets individually with Advisory Board members annually to monitor organization and committee goals towards achieving the mission of Bread & Broth.
• Works with committee chairpersons to assess needs and receive funding for approved projects.
• Collects data (financial – revenue/expenditures, number of clients, number of Kids bags, etc.) from appropriate chairpersons/team leads. Assemble reports to provide information as needed to facilitate discussion/decisions regarding organization/ program status, additions, changes, etc.
• Plays a leading role in fundraising activities
• Oversees the interview committee which makes recommendations to the Advisory Board for the filling of vacant or new Advisory Board and leadership positions
• Represents Bread & Broth at community events when possible
• Meets with community members and community organizations to promote Bread & Broth’s fundraising events
• Maintains an annual organizational calendar and oversees the implementation of calendar activities
• Write a “Director’s Note” for the B&B quarterly newsletter
• Performs other responsibilities assigned by the Advisory Board

Interactions With:

• Advisory Board members and committee chairpersons
• Bread & Broth volunteers
• St. Theresa’s Church staff (office secretary, bookkeeper) • Community members and organizations Training:
• Be knowledgeable of and follow the policies and procedures/information/guidelines provided in Bread & Broth’s “Volunteer Handbook/Orientation Manual”.

Skills Needed:

• Organizational skills with attention to detail
• Ability to delegate/monitor activities
• Ability to multi-task and manage/oversee a wide range of activities
• Excellent communication skills (written and public speaking)
• Ability to problem-solve and trouble shoot in a timely fashion

Expertise in the following areas is an asset:

– Leadership
– Professionalism
– Conflict Management
– Networking
– Budgeting
– Strategic management
– Technical and business procedures.