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‘Pay It Forward’

The week of April 22nd was Pay it Forward week. To honor this concept of making a
difference in another person’s life, Bread & Broth’s Adopt A Day of Nourishment meal
on Monday April 23 rd was sponsored by John McDougall’s Pay It Forward grant and
members of Unity at the Lake Church. The Pay It Forward concept is all about people
giving to someone else and making a positive difference.
The funding grant came from the Pay It Forward Lake Tahoe Community Fund held at
the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation and it has been funding an annual Adopt A
Day for the past three years. Hosting a Monday meal dinner is a truly wonderful way to
remind ourselves of the power of giving and being there to experience how a hot,
nutritious meal can brighten the day for folks in need.
In addition to John McDougall, Unity at the Lake Church members Michael and Ileene
Lipkin, Al Miller and Darya Vost joined the B&B volunteer welcoming, serving and seeing
to the needs of the dinner guest who arrived at St. Theresa Grace Hall. “We are so
happy to assist the wonderful people at Bread & Broth,” said John. “The service
provided to our community is so important to so many.”
B&B would like to thank John and Unity at the Lake church members for their giving
spirit and their commitment to helping others.