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Bread & Broth strives to reach and serve all Lake Tahoe South Shore Community members who struggle with hunger by providing the following food service outreach programs:

Monday Meal

Hot, full-course, nutritional meals are served at St. Theresa Grace Hall (1041 Lyons Ave.) from 4:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. every Monday throughout the year. In addition to serving hot meals, the dinner guests are provided with food “giveaway” bags containing canned goods, fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products (eggs, butter, and milk) and breads/pastries. ‘Seconds’ are offered and dinner “to go” containers are provided. On average, Bread & Broth serves 95 – 120 dinner guests at each Monday evening dinner.

Second Serving

Second Serving meals consist of a soup, salad, and a simple entree (lasagna, chili dogs, pasta dishes, etc.) and are served from 4:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the Lake Tahoe Community Presbyterian Church (2733 Lake Tahoe Blvd – near Meek’s Lumber). Dinner guests will be provided with “giveaway” bags containing fruit, vegetables, breads/pastries based on availability of food items. Bread & Broth serves 40 – 50 dinner guests each Friday evening.


B&B 4 Kids – School Weekend Food Bags

On a weekly basis throughout the school year, food insecure Lake Tahoe Unified School District students in grades Pre K-12 are provided with weekend food bags containing 7 meals and 4 snacks.  Each child receives a bag of non-perishable, single serving items along with several servings of fresh fruit to help supplement and meet basic nourishment needs. Eligible recipients are based on family income and determined by school teachers and counselors from Bijou Community, Sierra House Elementary, Tahoe Valley, Meyers Elementary, South Tahoe Middle School, and McKinney-Vento High School students. An average of 170 LTUSD students receive weekend food bags weekly during the school year.

B&B 4 Kids – School Healthy Snacks

To help children who are food insecure stay focused on learning instead of being
hungry during the school day, B&B 4 Kids School Healthy Snack program sends 500 healthy nutrition bars to the LTUDS schools weekly. For students who become hungry during the school day, they can go to the school nurse, counselor, office staff or their teacher and request a nutrition bar to help relieve their hunger and get back to learning.

B&B 4 Kids – Summer Food Bags

During the summer school break, “Summer B&B 4 Kids”  hands out kid-friendly food every Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at St. Theresa Church Grace Hall Foyer to any child up to the age of 18. The Summer program starts one week after the end of the school year in June and lasts until one week prior to the beginning of the new school year in late August.

Food for children will only be given to parents /guardians who are accompanied by their child(ren). Children will be able to bag a variety of single-serving food items which include cereals,  canned meat, breakfast and nutrition bars, and fresh fruit. As a special treat, every week a ‘surprise snack’ like ice cream or popsicles is handed out to each child.

Since many children and their parents are unable to make it to the Wednesday food ‘give away’ at St. Theresa Grace Hall, the Summer B&B 4 Kids volunteers pack bags filled with 3-4 days of food including fresh fruit and deliver on average 175 bags to local Child Care Centers for distribution to children/families in need.

B&B 4 Kids – Tot Food Bags

To support the nutritional needs of food insecure children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years of age during the school year, B&B 4 Tots is packing food that is healthy and age appropriate for tots and delivering them to five local childcare centers that serve low-income families.

Healthy, adequate nutrition is extremely important to the physical and mental development of very young children. The supplemental food provided by the “Tots” program impacts their future success in school and life. The program is serving 97 of our neediest young children.