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Rotarians Partner with B&B

The Tahoe-Douglas Rotary Club is partnering with Bread & Broth by hosting five Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorships over the next ten months.   “The Tahoe-Douglas Club is happy to support Bread & Broth’s wonderful program and looks forward to a strong relationship with B&B and its fantastic volunteers,” commented Ashley Colvin, Rotary’s acting president.   Hosting the Monday Meal dinners which serve the less fortunate of our community aligns with the club’s mission to serve others by working side by side with the community on local service projects.

On August 7th, the Rotary Club hosted their first AAD and volunteering along with Ashley at the dinner were fellow Rotarians Chris Croft, Matt Grime, Greg Felton and Paul Thibodeau.  In addition to serving the community, the Rotary Club encourages their members to “focus on fun and fellowship in all we do”.   True to form, these five volunteers enjoyed their time welcoming and serving the 85 dinner guests who came for a tasty and filling meal at St. Theresa Grace Hall.

B&B is very thankful for the support that the Tahoe-Douglas Rotary Club is providing to our organization.  Partnerships through the AAD program provide both monetary and volunteer support which guarantees our Monday Meal dinners will continue to be provided to help ease hunger for our food insecure community members.   B&B is looking forward to the Rotary’s next AAD sponsorship in October.