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Over the last nine months, the Tahoe-Douglas Rotary Club has sponsored five Adopt A
Day of Nourishments. Bread & Broth has been thrilled to have this service-oriented
organization partner with us to help ease hunger in the Lake Tahoe South Shore
community. With their generously donated funds and over 70 hours of volunteering,
the Rotarians served over 450 nutritious, filling meals to grateful diners who come to
Grace Hall for a free dinner and a chance to spent time with friends and acquaintances.
“Tahoe-Douglas loves supporting Bread & Broth and its wonderful volunteers,” said
Ashley Colvin, Tahoe-Douglas Rotary Club’s president at B&B’s Monday Meal on April
2 nd. Joining Ashley on the Rotary’s sponsor crew were fellow Rotarians, Linda Bellotti,
Matt Grime, Bob Senna, and Brian Williams. These volunteers worked side by side with
B&B volunteers and made the experience of helping others a fun and fulfilling event.
Service to others is a core value of the Rotary organization and their support of Bread &
Broth’s goal to ease hunger is just an example of their commitment to serving those in
need and improving the quality of life for others. B&B would like to thank the Tahoe-
Douglas Rotary Club members and acknowledge their incredible service in support of
B&B’s Monday Meal dinner program.