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As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, Bread & Broth greatly values the many partnerships that have developed over the 28 years that it has been feeding the needy in the Lake Tahoe South Shore community. These partnerships involve volunteering, donating food and funds and sponsoring Monday Meal Adopt A Day of Nourishment dinners.

Beginning in August, the Douglas Rotary Club began hosting the first of five Adopt A Days and on Monday, October 2nd , hosted its second meal. Over the course of the 5 sponsorships, the Rotary Club will be helping B&B to feed over 500 meals to individuals who attend B&B’s Monday Meal at St. Theresa Grace Hall. The generosity of the Rotary Club members and their commitment to bettering the lives of food-insecure members of our community are very much appreciated and lauded by B&B.
Representing the Rotary Club members at the October 2nd dinner were Randy Butler, Ellen Dauscher, Penny Echan, Keith Endlich and George Sariego and according to B&B volunteer, Gail Clair, they were a joy to work with. “Working at Bread & Broth was so inspirational and gratifying,” wrote Ellen. “It serves a great need in our community.

We would all be happy to help again anytime.” B&B looks forward to the Rotary Club’s next sponsorship on December 4 th.