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On Monday, January 28th, Bread & Broth’s 102 dinner guests were treated to a very special dinner.  Members of St. Theresa’s Filipino community cooked and served chicken adobo, sweet and sour pork ribs, shrimp and chicken pasta, honey mustard chicken, steamed vegetables, rice and salad.  All delicious Filipino specialty dishes.  In addition, to the heaping first servings dished out, many of the diners came back for seconds and containers filled with ‘left overs’ to take home.

Kudos to Julie Fajayan, Nora Cabanero, Bernardo Estepa, Minda Estepa, Donna Rojas, Belma Penollar, Ador Manalili, Mila Penollar, Myra Fajilan, Cecilia Deleon and Mila Seal for their kindness and concern for others.   This caring and dedicated AAD sponsor group came in on Sunday to prep all of the ingredients and spent the day on Monday cooking, setting up Grace Hall, serving dinner, and finishing off their sponsorship meal helping with the dinner’s cleanup.

Speaking on behalf of the Filipino Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsor crew, Cecilia Estepa Deleon wrote, “Thank you for the opportunity to give us the chance to sponsor a dinner for Bread & Broth.”  Further adding, “Gracious God, everything comes from you and always give us the grace to share our blessings with our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  Show us how to honor and glorify you for the good of ourselves and others.”

B&B is so pleased to share this opportunity to feed others through our Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsorships.  We are very thankful for our many sponsors, and particularly, the members from St. Theresa’s Filipino community who wore their hearts on their sleeves by proving the delicious Filipino themed dinner to community members.