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St. Theresa Filipino Community Members Host Adopt A Day

Members of the St. Theresa Filipino Community love sponsoring Bread & Broth’s Monday Meal and serving up a delicious Filipino themed dinner.   Hosing their second Adopt A Day of Nourishment this year, the Filipino community group sponsored the March 25th Monday Meal and brought their well-honed cooking skills and favorite Filipino cuisine recipes to feed the grateful dinner guests congregating for a communal meal at Grace Hall.


The meal was truly a labor of love.  The Filipino Community members began their planning well before March 25th, came in early for about 8 hours on Sunday to chop vegetables and marinate meats as needed, and returned for another 8 or so hours on Monday to begin the cooking and dinner setup.  The result of all of their labor was a full-course Filipino dinner including Chicken Mechado, Shrimp and Pork Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Veggies with Pork and Shrimp Stir Fry, all served with steamed rice and salad.


“To our God Almighty, the St. Theresa Filipino Community offers this wonderful day to say ‘thank you’ for the gift of life and for all of the blessings that come with it.  To Bread & Broth, our hearts are so grateful for this another fulfilling opportunity to serve and be a blessing to others,” was the message conveyed by the Filipino sponsor crew members.  Volunteering and participating in the meal preparation were Nora Cabanero, Nelie Cabristante, Dru Cunningham, Rodrigo and Cecilia DeLeon, Bernie and Minda Estepa, Dominador Estepa, Julie Fajayan, Myra Fajilan, Bal Ferrer, Danny Masellones Din Pinero, Mario and Mila Penollar, Donna Rojas and Mila Seal.   A special thanks goes to Mila Seal for once again coordinating the Filipino Community’s Adopt A Day sponsor- ship dinner and she had this to say to her sponsor crew. “To each and everyone who made this day possible, all of your effort and time spend are very much appreciated.”   B&B could not have said it any better.  Kudos to the St. Theresa Filipino Community.