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Tahoe Beach Retreat Sponsors B&B Dinner

“Just like food fills the stomach, being able to serve fills our heart,” exclaimed Nathan Duke.  Nathan came to the October 22nd Monday Meal as an Adopt A Day sponsor crew member for the Tahoe Beach Retreat.  Not only was this Nathan’s first experience helping at a B&B dinner but it was also the first time volunteering at a B&B event for his two fellow Beach Retreat crew members, Buffy Linkul and Jenna Overman.

It was such a pleasure to work with this Tahoe Beach Retreat crew.  They promptly showed up at 3:00, got signed in and immediately joined the B&B volunteers filling the food ‘giveaway’ bags with food items for the dinner guests to take home for later in the week.  When the doors opened at 4:00 for the dinner service, the trio from the Beach Retreat was on the serving line dishing out heaping portions of Mexican Pork stew served with Spanish rice, refried black beans, corn and coleslaw.  The crew ended their evening helping with the takedown and cleanup of the dining facility and kitchen.

Thanks to the financial donation of $300 by Tahoe Beach Retreat to sponsor an AAD and the help provided to the B&B volunteers by Buffy, Jenna and Nathan, 105 dinner guests were served a hot, nutritious meal and made to feel welcome and cared for by all of those volunteering at the dinner.  B&B would like to thank Tahoe Beach Retreat and their warm and giving sponsor crew for their support in giving to those in need and   making a positive impact on their lives.