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Bread and Broth is very fortunate to have the support of the Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club, working side-by-side with our B&B Volunteers to help feed many of our neighbors who struggle with hunger.   The Rotary Club has partnered with B&B to host five ‘Adopt A Day of Nourishments’ with their third sponsorship occurring on Monday, December 4th.

“Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club is happy to support Bread & Broth’s wonderful Adopt A Day program,” commented Rotarian Ellen Dauscher.  “We truly enjoying working alongside B&B’s fantastic volunteers and are joyful to be able to feed so many members of our community.”   Joining Ellen on the AAD sponsor crew were fellow Rotarians Allegra Boyd, Ryan Moore, Bob Senna and Watt Wiggins and community member Amanda Jones.   Pitching right in, the sponsor crew manned the serving line and the food ‘giveaway’, dessert and drinks tables, smiling and warmly welcoming the dinner’s guests.

The Club’s sponsorship of B&B’s Monday Meal falls right into line with the club’s mission of providing service to others.  The Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club is a group of volunteer leaders drawn together by fellowship and a desire to help others and do humanitarian service.  B&B would like to acknowledge and thank the Tahoe Douglas Rotary for their AAD sponsorships and for the positive impact they have in helping so many causes and organizations in the Lake Tahoe South Shore community.