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Tahoe/Douglas Rotary Club Supports Community

“Tahoe/Douglas Rotary Club loves to support Bread & Broth and all its volunteers,” stated Rotarian Ashley Colvin while volunteering as an Adopt A Day of Nourishment sponsor crew member.   “B&B is such a wonderful program that our community is lucky to have,” she added.   Fortunately for B&B, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, we are the recipients of the very generous support of the Rotary club members which enables the program to provide meals and bags filled with food to those in need of food support in our community.

Hosting their 6th Adopt of Day this year, the Tahoe/Douglas Rotary Club sponsored the December 3rd Monday Meal at St. Theresa Grace Hall.   In addition to the $300 Adopt A Day sponsorship donation, the organization sent a wonderful sponsor crew to spend 3 hours helping the B&B volunteers with the dinner’s setup, serving and cleanup.   In addition to Ashley, representatives from the Rotary Club included Randy Butler, Penny Echan, Grace Schorr, and Roberta Stillwell.

The attending Rotarians were a great AAD sponsor crew.  They warmly and with great compassion served up a Shepherd’s pie dinner to the evening’s dinner guests and Roberta even volunteered to help with the dishwashing/drying duties.  One cannot expect anything less from the Rotarians considering all of the worthy causes that the organization supports.   B&B would like to commend and thank the Tahoe/Douglas Rotary Club for their efforts in making our community a better place for all our community members.