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Bread & Broth really appreciates the support the Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club has been giving our Adopt A Day of Nourishment program.  The Rotary Club signed up for five Adopt A Days and on February 5th, they send another great team to volunteer while hosting their fourth AAD in the past seven months.  Representing the Rotary Club at the Monday Meal dinner were Rotarians Linda Bellotti, Keith Endlich, Bob Fehskens, Greg Felton, Roberta Stillwell and Brian Williams.

Evidently, every one of the Rotarians had a great experience at their sponsorship dinner and they all wanted to share their thoughts.  “B&B is so productive for our community and it deserves our support”.  “What a lovely enjoyable experience!”  “You are the heart of our community.”  “Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help our community.”  “Wonderful to help some of our local citizens have a great meal.” “Looking forward to coming back soon – fun!”

Bread & Broth has thoroughly enjoyed the participation of all of the Rotarians who have been volunteering at the Rotary’s AADs.  Providing a hot, nutritious meal every Monday is a ‘labor of love’ and having the support of so many of the Rotary clubs members is really a wonderful endorsement of the Adopt A Day program and how it not only feeds those in need but feels the souls of those who volunteer to help ease of the hunger of others.