Thank you for your support!  We appreciate your generosity!

Bread & Broth in affiliation with St. Theresa Catholic Church is a tax exempt 501 (c ) (3) charitable organization.  All donations to Bread & Broth are 100% tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


During the COVID-19 Emergency, Bread & Broth is accepting donations to cover the costs of additional food being procured for the bags of food which we are providing to any member of the community in need on Mondays and Fridays at St. Theresa Grace Hall Food Pantry and for our ongoing B&B Kids Program.

For those wanting to make a tax-deductible donation for these services, please either use the “Donate” button at the top of the page or make checks payable to St. Theresa Bread & Broth and put COVID-19 Emergency Fundin the memo section of the check and mail to:

Bread & Broth
c/o  St. Theresa Church
1041 Lyons Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150



Donors can direct monetary donations to specific programs/causes:

  • B&B General Fund: –  donations are applied to the B&B’s “Monday Meal” and “Second Serving” meal costs, purchase of equipment, utility expenses, etc.
  • B&B 4 Kids :– donations are applied to the procurement of healthy kid- friendly food items for the weekend meals, nutritional snacks, and fruit provided to K-8 LTUSD students during the school year and the bags of food distributed to children up to the age of 18 during the school summer break. Funds will also be used to purchase nutrition bars which are provided to the seven K-12  LTUSD schools to hand out to hungry students during the school day.
  • Sponsor a Student:

$10         One Week
$40         One Month
$200       One Semester
$400       One School Year

Make checks payable to:

St. Theresa Bread & Broth  (In the memo section indicate ‘B&B General Fund’ or ‘B&B 4 Kids’) and mail to:

Bread and Broth
c/o St. Theresa Church
1041 Lyons Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

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A Bread & Broth “Adopt A Day of Nourishment” sponsorship provides individuals, families, organizations, church groups and businesses the opportunity to host a Monday Meal dinner at St.Theresa Grace Hall.  By donating a tax-deductible gift of $300, your donation feeds on average 85 dinner guests and covers the cost of food purchases, meal preparation supplies and utility costs for the Adopt A Day dinner.

In addition to the generous donation of an Adopt A Day sponsor, the AAD program encourages our sponsors to come and assist at their designated Monday AAD dinner.  Sponsors may have a sponsor crew of up to 5 individuals (minimum age of 14) assist the regular B&B volunteers in the dinner’s setup, serving and cleanup  from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Participating as a sponsor crew member offers not only the opportunity to see the nutritious and filling meal that your $300 provides but to experience the tremendous
impact that your generosity has on those who are guests at your sponsorship dinner.

    Contact: Carol Gerard
    Phone: (530) 542-2876


BREAD & BROTH 4 KIDS:  provides weekend food for needy students in our community.   Hold a ‘food drive’ or shop for the items that are used to provide 7 meals and 4 snacks for each student.

Single serving, canned or boxed foods – plastic packaging  is preferable.  No glass containers please.

* Canned Spaghetti/Meatballs                                                *  Beef Ravioli, Stew and  Chili
*  Tuna/Chicken (small cans, pouch)                                     *  Hormel Complete Meals
* Mac’n Cheese Instant Cups                                                  *  Soups:  Chicken Noodle, Vegetable
* Fruit/Applesauce (cups)                                                        *  Ramen Noodles/Cup O’Noodles
* Oatmeal (instant individual packs)                                      *  Breakfast Food Bars
* Granola Bars                                                                            *   Puddings
* Fruit Snacks                                                                             *   Crackers w/Cheese, Peanut Butter
* Nuts, Trail Mix, Raisins (1 oz boxes)                                    *  Popcorn (single serving)
* Peanut Butter and Jelly (plastic jars for extended weekends and vacation breaks)

    Contact:   Christy Slocum         OR      Contact:   Paula Peterson
    Phone:      (310) 413-6816                    Phone:      (530) 307-0909
    Email:       Email:

Monday Meal” and “Second Serving”Food Donations

Hold a ‘food drive’ or shop for items that are regularly needed pantry items at “Monday Meal” or “Second Serving”:

* Fresh Fruit and Vegetables                           * Bacon, Frozen Hamburger and Chicken
* Shredded Cheese (any kind)                         * Kraft Parmesan Cheese (in plastic containers)
* Salad Dressing                                                * Olive Oil
* Onions and Garlic                                           * Plastic Baggies
* Paper Towels

   Contact:  Roberta Strachan
   Mobile: (530) 412-0573 or (530) 541-5345

B&B Jar Collection:

Thanks to our community business partners, B&B has over 10 donation jars displayed in various stores, restaurants and offices throughout the Lake Tahoe South Shore Community. When you see these jars, any loose change you donate, combined with the many other generous donor contributions, adds up to providing over 1,500 B&B meals.

   Contact: Carol Gerard
   Phone: (530) 542-2876

Local Restaurant “Second Serving” Soup Donations:

Second Serving Soup

Donate prepared soups/chowders once a month to B&B’s Friday “Second Serving” meal.

Contact: Brandi Bannister
Phone:    (530) 315-7260

For All Other Donations or Questions:
Contact:  Carol Gerard
Phone:  (530) 542-2876